J. Lo Admits To Being A Young Money Groupie, “[Lil Wayne] Might Be The Best”

J. Lo Admits To Being A Young Money Groupie, “[Lil Wayne] Might Be The Best”

Actress/entrepeneur Jennifer “J. Lo” Lopez recently opened up about her respect for the Young Money label, and explained why the crew’s leader, Lil Wayne, may be the best rapper out right now.

Speaking with radio host Angie Martinez earlier this week, Lopez revealed her admiration toward the Young Moula artists.

“I was working out yesterday and I was listening to Lil Wayne and I was just like, ‘Wow. He really says some sh*t,” Lopez explained. “But I was just listening to what he was saying and I really enjoyed it. He might be one of the best out there right now. He might be the best. He’s really good…I love [Nicki Minaj]. I haven’t heard the whole [Pink Friday] album, but I’ve heard her stuff that’s been on the radio and stuff like that. I really enjoy it.” (Hot 97)

 Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow also admitted to being on “Barbie” watch.

“I listen to everything,” Paltrow said in an interview. “I probably have the most schizophranic [sic] iPod. My biggest obsession right now is the Nicki Minaj album. She’s a genius. I’m also obsessed with Kanye’s album. I really like Dierks Bentley. He has a bluegrass record that I really love…I watched Beyonce a ton because I think she’s the best live performer happening right now. She has this amazing confidence…” (Stumble Upon)

West Coast producer Dr. Dre said he respected Young Money’s roster last November.

“It’s aight,” Dre said about the state of hip-hop. “There are a lot of artists that I like, I love Wayne, I love Drake, I love the new artist J. Cole. There’s some new brothers coming out on my record, Slim the Mobster, he’s out of South Central. I think it could be better and hopefully I can do my part to assist in that.” (Rap-Up)

Rapper David Banner recently compared Wayne’s focus to five-time NBA champion Kobe Bryant.

“Wayne is like Kobe Bryant right now,” Banner said in an interview. “You know, as Kobe gets older all he cares about is championships. Wayne is in that zone. He’s highly focused and very sharp right now.” (XXL Mag)

Check out a portion of Jennifer Lopez’s interview down below:

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