J-Hood Gives Up On D-Block Beef, “I Ain’t Crying Over No Spilled Milk”

J-Hood Gives Up On D-Block Beef, “I Ain’t Crying Over No Spilled Milk”

Former D-Block member J-Hood recently declared his war of words with The Lox over and expressed his current thoughts on his ex-rap group.

Claiming he has moved forward, Hood reflected on how his issues with D-Block could have been worked out.

“My focus is strictly on making good music and just putting it out and letting the material speak for itself,” Hood said in an interview. “I’m past that point in my life. I’m not holding grudges. What happened happened and it probably wasn’t the best thing that could’ve happened but it happened, and everything happen for a reason. You live and you learn. We probably could’ve handled situations differently but everything’s all said and done and I ain’t crying over no spilled milk. I ain’t got nothing against them dudes, they not enemies or nothing like that. I’m not saying we cool or nothing like that, but good luck to them with anything they doing.” (Champ Magazine)

Sheek Louch previously responded to Hood’s online disses and why he would never do business with him again.

“Last time somebody had called me, he got knocked out on stage in Connecticut,” Sheek explained in an interview. “I done got e-mails saying let’s piece this sh*t up, let’s do this and that, fam, we not thinkin’ about you…We heard your diss records, we heard you for months and years straight about it, we really don’t care about your diss records…I guarantee the people in his camp are saying, ‘D*mn, we dissed him, now what do we do?’ Where’s these records? You gotta come now. Even the 50 Cent sh*t, when we was going at 50, it’s over…I loved him as a brother but it’s over. He crossed that line and now I don’t care about him. I will never work with him.” (Hip Hop Beef)

Earlier this year, Hood paid homage to Styles P, however, shot verbal disses towards Sheek and Jadakiss.

“Shout-out to Styles, man,” Hood said in a video. “The other n*gga though, go apply for a security position. Rappin’ ain’t for you. As far as Kiss goes, you shouldn’t have never said my name, man…If you wanna see me in the streets, you know the hand skills are ready.” (Trilla DVD)

The Lox recently spoke on the new look of D-Block with members Straw, A.P., Charly Ary, Bully, Snyp Life, Large Amount, Tommy Star, Don D, Ty and S.I.

“We always been comfortable with the lineup, because that’s our little brothers,” Kiss said in an interview. “It’s being comfortable with their work ethic and where their mind was. As far as artists, we felt they was cut from the cloth we was cut. They spit hard, they live what they talk. They know about this game, working hard nights, 24/7, 365. They know that. It’s official.” (MTV)

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