J. Cole Unfazed By Numbers, “I’m Not Scared I’m Going To Sell 10,000 Records”

J. Cole Unfazed By Numbers, “I’m Not Scared I’m Going To Sell 10,000 Records”

Roc Nation’s J. Cole recently talked about his forthcoming debut album and how he is not allowing fear of dismal record sales to play with his mind.

When asked if he was scared of being unable to live up to sales expectations, Cole admitted his confidence in the upcoming LP.

“Nah, they’re not the same. I don’t have a fear of not delivering, I know I’m going to deliver, and I don’t have a fear of sales because – I wouldn’t call it a fear of sales because I don’t place that much emphasis on the sales, but I definitely have an excitement over the sales. I want to sell a godrillion. But I’m not scared I’m going sell 10,000 records. I’m not afraid of that.” (I Luv Lola)

During the summer, Cole said he was not yet ready to reveal his album’s title.

“We had an October 26th release date — but it’s feeling more like November, December,” Cole told rapper/radio host Nelly. “I ain’t put the title out yet, I’m real secretive on my titles. I want it to come out a certain way. It’s sounding incredible…I just did the song that I’m going to put Jay on. That’s going to be the only feature. I might get one more special, special guest. I feel it’s something special to come out and not have the whole album with a feature. I’m gonna try to keep it feature-free.” (Hot 104.1)

In July, Cole revealed three tracks he planned to put on his debut.

“Songs that made the cut, I’m like the most secretive person too so this is hard for me,” Cole said in an interview. “I could tell you a song I produced called ‘Won’t Be Long’ made the cut, that’s like a real classy J. Cole song like kinda in the vein of ‘I Get Up,’ you know, over in that world. A No I.D. song that’s probably gonna make it is called ‘Never Told.’ It’s like one of my favorite songs, I didn’t know if it was going to make the album though because it’s one of those ones where it’s like, ‘I don’t know if I want to say what I’m saying on this song on the first album,’ but it was so good and so different than everything else on the album that I was like I gotta have it. This song I got called ‘Wet Dreams’ is gonna make it and that’s a real classic J. Cole song in the same sense too. It’s like a real crazy story but I think a lot of people out there can relate to it. Those are a few songs that made the cut.” (Soul Culture)

Recently speaking with radio personality Jenny Boom Boom, Cole spoke on reaching the album’s completion.

“I’m practically, almost finished,” he said laughing. “Every song that’s on my album is there now. It’s just about tying up the loose ends. One song needs like two verses, [another] song still needs some instruments. But I do finally have all the songs that are going to be on my album. I was missing, like, two songs before…[Jay-Z] is super impressed. I think he’s more so impressed with the fact that I kind of just did this on my own. I got in [the studio] with No I.D., but a lot of the stuff has been coming from me. So I feel like [Jay] looks at me like, ‘Yo, he can really produce.’ … [The label] says October 26th. I say it’ll be before that.” (Hip Hop DX)

A confirmed release date for J. Cole’s album has not yet been announced.

Check out some recent J. Cole footage below:

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