J. Cole Says NBA Star LeBron James Is A Fan Of His Music

J. Cole Says NBA Star LeBron James Is A Fan Of His Music

Roc Nation’s J. Cole has revealed that NBA superstar LeBron James is a fan of his music.

Cole also shared his reaction to having rap veteran Nas co-sign him.

“LeBron! I met LeBron at a show in Cleveland and his homeboy tells me, ‘Yo I ‘m loving the mixtape, especially that one joint, that turn off the lights joint.’ Then LeBron jumps in the conversation–mind you I hadn’t even spoken to him and this n*gga got a deep-a** voice–singing ‘Lights Please.’ I was like ‘What you know about that? Please don’t tell me LeBron James listens to my mixtape!’ … I don’t remain cool when I meet these people, I’m like a little kid. Actually, when I met Nas… this was before he gave me any props on video, probably like a month or two ago, he actually quoted one of my lines from the [Talib] Kweli song. I was like ‘Man, don’t quote one of my lines. You don’t understand man.’ I was so genuinely appreciative. I f*cking used to type Nas lyrics just to put up on my wall.” (VIBE)

Last February, James also shared his praises of Young Money’s Drake.

“Unbelievable recording artist,” LeBron said of Drake. “Unbelievable talent. I’m looking forward [to] his first LP. I think we all got So Far Gone and all the mixtapes he’s come out with. But he’s an unbelievable talent. He’s great for everybody, great for music.” (MTV)

Mobb Deep’s Havoc recently said he would like to produce on Cole’s debut.

“He’s on everybody’s short-list! I hate to be soundin’ like I’m on some kind of band-wagon, but I really feel that in my heart, that dude is dope! There’s a lot of other dope emcees out there, I hate to name just one. It seems like I’m just forgetting the rest, but he’s definitely on my radar. Even if I get a track on his album or not, I’m behind him 100% no matter what he do. I wish him well, and I know he’s going to do well, ’cause he seems like a real-for-real artist. He’s in it for the art.” (Hip Hop DX)

Little Brother’s Big Pooh talked with SOHH this month about the fellow North Carolina artist.

“I like J. Cole,” Pooh told SOHH, “I listen to some of his material and I was kinda late as far as checking him out or whatever, but I think he’s got a chance to really, really, make a mark and an imprint. It’s funny because I didn’t really think about it until I saw Drake say it in an interview but it’s almost like he’s right but it’s almost like Drake is taking the Jay-Z approach and Cole is like, taking the Nas approach on how they’re creating and I kinda see him almost in that mode. I just hope he comes out and he defines his own success and he don’t necessarily worry about putting North Carolina on his back but doing what’s best for J. Cole. If he do that, then North Carolina will be behind him.” (SOHH)

Check out a recent J. Cole interview down below:

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