J. Cole Says Don’t Expect To Hear Jay-Z Or Drake: “Nobody Else Other Than My [Myself] Is Rapping On The Album”

J. Cole Says Don’t Expect To Hear Jay-Z Or Drake: “Nobody Else Other Than My [Myself] Is Rapping On The Album”

Roc Nation’s J. Cole is going to have to rely on his own emcee skills and the help of some R&B artists to help push his upcoming Born Sinner album after revealing he is the only artist rapping on the project.

After revealing fans could expect a TLC track on the project, Cole broke the news of his lack of rap features.

“It’s like my favorites, I wanted to go and get my favorites and then have them do the things that I love them for doing — [TLC] is doing what I love them for,” Cole said in an interview. “Nobody else other than J. Cole is rapping on the album, but there’s some great features.” (FUSE)

This week, Hot 97 radio personality Peter Rosenberg claimed Cole speaks on an issue rap veteran Nas had with him on the LP.

“J. Cole’s album is supposed to be dope. His production has supposedly improved quite a bit,” Rosenberg said during his morning show this week. “And here’s a tidbit I heard a while ago that’s pretty exciting. Supposedly, there’s a song on the J. Cole called something along the lines of, ‘I Disappointed Nas,’ about how Nas supposedly reached out to J. Cole after he heard ‘Workout,’ and was like, ‘Nah fam, I expected more from you from this.’ And supposedly J. Cole gets really personal and has a whole song about how it felt to have disappointed one of his heroes in music, Nas. The second I heard this, it got me incredibly antsy to hear this. I think that’s one of the things I’ve been wanting to really hear from J. Cole. It’s more of him and his story. So I need to hear that. His album comes out June 18th, I’ve heard nothing but good things. So let’s see if this song actually ends up being on the album. That’s what I heard, you can expect from J. Cole. Just a little gem.” (Hot 97)

A few days ago, the rapper stood behind moving his sophomore project’s release date up to face-off against Kanye West‘s Yeezus.

“Instantly the lightbulb [turned on]… it got real. I made one phone call to somebody that would know, just to make sure first. As soon as I got it confirmed, I was like, ‘Yo…’ The idea hit me instantly: ‘You got to go to that date,'” he said. “I’m not going to sit [here]… I worked too hard to come a week later after Kanye West drops an amazing album. It’d be like, ‘Oh and J.Cole dropped too, a week later.’ Nah. I’m going to go see him on that date. He’s the greatest. So it’s like, I’m a competitor by nature so it was instant, it wasn’t even a thought,” the Roc Nation artist continued. (Billboard)

Prior to moving the date, Cole planned on dropping Born Sinner in late June.

Taking to his Twitter, Cole wrote “said i would never announce on twitter, but damn, since i f*cked up that first one (but what a moment!) …… Born Sinner June 25th. – Cole.” Since delaying the album, Cole had previously pleased plans with the Truly Yours EP. Now, he’s got two and a half months to make sure Born Sinner isn’t delayed again. (Exclaim)

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