J. Cole Reveals Roc Nation Debut Frustrations, “I Thought My Album Would’ve Been Out Around Now”

J. Cole Reveals Roc Nation Debut Frustrations, “I Thought My Album Would’ve Been Out Around Now”

Rapper J. Cole has opened up about his Roc Nation debut frustrations and why he envisioned the long-awaited album to already be on store shelves by now.

Cole did not have full confidence when told his debut would drop by late October 2010.

“Man, I thought my album would’ve been out right around now. But one thing I’ve learned in this game is you never know anything. I remember when they gave me the release date of October 26. I was so hyped. But I soon knew that wasn’t gonna happen. I haven’t even had a consistent three weeks in the studio. I’m blessed enough to be able to go out on the road. I get a good week in the studio but then I’m off for a show. But I still managed to pull off what I think is an incredible album.” (RESPECT)

The rapper also said he discovered his music’s radio play potential with the release of his summer anthem, “Who Dat.”

“The fact is, as many radio stations in as many places that did play ‘Who Dat’ exceeded my expectations,” Cole added. “Now that I know the game and I’ve been on these stations, I know who’s gonna play what records, and who’s not. I refuse to be the artist that drops a super-duper great album, but it goes under the radar. Or it sells however many thousands, but there was no radio record so the masses didn’t get a chance to hear it. I refuse to be that artist.” (RESPECT)

Cole’s Roc Nation debut is currently slated to arrive in stores by the spring.

“The album could be done. If I needed to put it out next week, I would be able to,” the Roc Nation rapper said in a November interview. “My expectations were already super high and I think the fans’ were too, but now that the mixtape is out and the response is what it is, I kinda want to go back in and do a few more songsthat are that much better, just to boost the level of the album…I think we’re looking at a March release date or something around there with the single coming in a couple weeks.” (Rap-Up)

Last June, the rapper talked to SOHH about recording his “Who Dat” music video.

“I think it was an excellent reception,” Cole told SOHH. “I just wish I would’ve explained to people more that it was a one shot, that we shot on film and even when you watch it in HD version it looks incredible because it was on 35mm film which is what they use to shoot movies with. Even with that said I think people respect the fact that I went home [to Fayetteville, NC]. I didn’t come out with a whole bunch of jewelry, a whole bunch of light skinned girls with short shorts on. It’s a real organic feeling video. I really wish I would’ve explained more to people but you know in time people will get it. They’ll see all the imagery and all the little signs.” (SOHH)

Check out some recent J. Cole footage below:

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