J. Cole Responds To Jae Millz’s XXL Freshmen Remarks, “I Know What I Deserve” [Video]

J. Cole Responds To Jae Millz’s XXL Freshmen Remarks, “I Know What I Deserve” [Video]

Roc Nation’s J. Cole has responded to Jae Millz‘s remarks regarding XXL Magazine‘s Top 10 Freshmen 2010 list.

Although Cole feels he earned his spot on the list, the rapper did say he understood Millz’s voucher for Cam’ron protege Vado.

“I haven’t,” Cole said when asked if he was familiar with Vado. “But I did see that — I heard he co-signed him. I don’t know who in particular he was talking about and I don’t know him but if that’s his opinion, that’s his opinion. Like, that’s how I feel. I don’t feel any type of ill will towards him for saying that, if that’s how he feels, he’s sticking up for his man there. That’s what it is but I feel like whoever is on that cover would beg to differ. I personally, it don’t matter to me because I know what I deserve and what I don’t deserve. I know what I work for. But I feel like, I don’t know, everybody on that cover could make that case, if you ask them.” (Miss Info TV)

Millz pointed out his issues with the compilation of artists and questioned the absence of his fellow New York rap newcomer.

“I don’t feel no sort of way about me not being in the Top 10 but can’t no n*gga tell me that my n*gga Vado ain’t supposed to be on that cover or on the flip cover of that XXL Top 10 Freshmen issue,” Millz said in an interview. “Can’t nobody tell me that, and if you do want to argue with me, you can argue with me about anything because I only know five n*ggas out of the ten n*ggas on that cover. And my ears [are] to the streets…I’m not even gonna say the name of the n*ggas I know, that’s gonna single n*ggas out or whatever, but n*ggas know whose supposed to be on that cover and n*ggas know who ain’t supposed to be on that f*cking cover…Vado and Cam put out Boss of All Bosses with [DJ] Drama, killed it, they putting out random records, their records coming out every single f*cking week on [DJ] Kay Slay — so who the f*ck are these other n*ggas? Like just because you think he’s a good emo rapper or he’s a good backpack rapper, them n*ggas are f*cking wack my n*gga. Don’t tell me nothing about my man ain’t put in work. If he ain’t put in work now, he put in work with me all them years.” (“True Stories Radio”)

Despite Millz’s remarks, Kid Cudi congratulated XXL‘s Freshmen listing on a blog posting earlier this month.

“congrats to all the homies who made the new XXL freshman list.,” he wrote March 12. “some of yall ive met and some of yall i havnt but either way keep it goin and give em h*ll. lookin forward to hearin some new sh*tttttttt. FROM HERE ON OUT IS WHAT U MAKE OF IT. OH AND I SEE U BIG SEAN, KEEP IT GOIN MAAANEEE!!! G.O.O.D JOB!” (Kid Cudi’s Blog)

Earlier this month, Cole discussed being motivated by artists like Nas and Tupac Shakur.

“The more lyrical rappers. I gravitate toward the classic and more lyrical rappers,” he explaind in an interview. “Sometimes when I’m in the studio we spend an hour on YouTube watching old rap and freestyle. For a while there it was really lyrical and witty and was always personalized. I’m drawn toward storytellers like Nas and Tupac. I’m realizing my own work in this day is generally not something that is out there. There is a lot of talent, but they just aren’t putting out what I am. The whole game is exciting but nobody in a long time has come out with the skills for lyrical writing that I am coming out with.” (Spinner)

Check out J. Cole addressing Jae Millz’s comments below:

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