J. Cole On 5 Artists He Wants To Produce For, “I Feel I Could Give Nas The Best Material Of My Life” [Video]

J. Cole On 5 Artists He Wants To Produce For, “I Feel I Could Give Nas The Best Material Of My Life” [Video]

Roc Nation rapper J. Cole has revealed his Top 5 list of artists he hopes to work with in the near future.

Despite naming artists like Nas and Jay-Z, Cole said he would be up for producing a track for R&B superstar Beyonce.

“Five artists I have to produce tracks for as soon as I finish my album, Wale,” Cole revealed in an interview. “That’s my man and I’m attached to that album, I want to see it do well and I feel if I’m on it, then I’m going to see to it that it does well. Nas for the same reasons. I feel I could give Nas the best material of my life on a production end. I’m such a fan and have been a fan. Jay, I gotta get something on Jay one of these days. Beyonce, one of these days, but that’s like further down the road, you know you gotta be on a higher level to mess with Beyonce. And then the fifth, I say Andre 3000. I know he’s been working on this elusive solo album but if I could get something on there or something with him, period, than that’d be beautiful, so I say those five.” (BET Music Matters)

Last month, Nas revealed his procedure for beat selection.

“Well I have a wish list sometimes or I have a dream list of who I would love to work with and wish they would want to get in the studio and do records or whatever,” Nas said in an interview. “Then I have my own ideas of being a producer. And what happens is a lot of time goes by with me being indecisive so it winds up with me kind of like doing what I have to do really fast because I played around for so long. Then, the deadlines come. But, you never know who has it, everyone’s got a lot of talent. You have Little Brother, you have Drumma Boy. There’s a lot of dudes I like right now. You have DJ Toomp.” (BET)

Cole recently spoke on being compared to Nas.

Drake comparing me to Nas, I really kinda misspoke. I didn’t want it to come across how it came across, it’s really flattering that he would say that because I knew where he was coming from and what he was saying about that, so, I mean, to be compared to Nas by anybody, I don’t care who it is, it is an honor but like I say, my only point was that it’s one thing to compare, but, those guys got so many years in the game, you gotta do a lot more. It’s like when they called everybody the next Jordan and they would just fade away so quick but you know, that’s not gonna be me.” (“Sucker Free Sundays”)

Little Brother’s Big Pooh recently told SOHH the fellow North Carolina artist reminded him of Nas.

“I like J. Cole,” Pooh told SOHH, “I listen to some of his material and I was kinda late as far as checking him out or whatever, but I think he’s got a chance to really, really, make a mark and an imprint. It’s funny because I didn’t really think about it until I saw Drake say it in an interview but it’s almost like he’s right but it’s almost like Drake is taking the Jay-Z approach and Cole is like, taking the Nas approach on how they’re creating and I kinda see him almost in that mode. I just hope he comes out and he defines his own success and he don’t necessarily worry about putting North Carolina on his back but doing what’s best for J. Cole. If he do that, then North Carolina will be behind him.” (SOHH)

Check out J. Cole’s interview down below:

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