J. Cole Nearly Joined G-Unit, Admits Trying To Reunite 50 Cent & Nas

J. Cole Nearly Joined G-Unit, Admits Trying To Reunite 50 Cent & Nas

Roc Nation’s J. Cole recently revealed how far back his relationship with rap star 50 Cent goes and how close he came to having the G-Unit head reunite with one-time Queens, New York rap foe Nas.

According to Cole, former G-Unit executive Sha Money XL tried to convince Fif to add him to the artist roster.

“I ended up in Connecticut at 50’s crib and he wasn’t home that night but people was still in his crib. Yayo, Sha Money and a couple other people were there — Yayo was going nuts, like, ‘Son!’ When I see Tony Yayo today we still talk about that. It was a crazy night. After that, Sha Money was trying to f*ck with me heavy. He was like ‘Son, look, I’m playing 50 your sh*t.’ Supposedly the story is that he played 50 my sh*t and 50 wasn’t sure. Like, ‘I don’t know, man. Is he one of these skinny jeans n*ggas?’ He couldn’t see it, but it was a good time in my life. It was brand new, fresh. Being in that crib was amazing.” (VIBE)

Jermaine also talked about trying to reunite Nas and 50 on his “New York Times” track off this summer’s Truly Yours 3 project.

“[Reuniting them would have been huge.] Exactly. For hip-hop, period. But really for New York. I wanted that to be a real New York record. This down South n*gga coming and putting on for the city because I have a connection. So 50 came to the studio in L.A. to lay the verse and he heard the melody and he was like, “I could tell you was thinking about me when you were doing that melody.” He wrote that sh*t in five minutes, maybe. It was crazy to see that melody that was in my head come to life with the actual person who I wanted to do it. He gave us three hours worth of game that night, just talking.” (VIBE)

A few months ago, 50 spoke out on Nasty Nas’ longstanding ability to pen creative and unique raps over the last couple of decades.

“I think It Was Written, Nas’ second album, he had a song where he was the gun and it was one of those things that had a strong impression on hip-hop culture at that point,” 50 explained in an interview. “A song that was like, wow, good metaphors, strong, and it gave you a visual and he’s one of the great storytellers within hip-hop music culture and that within R&B music, would be something that happens so common that it wouldn’t have any significance. You’re used to that metaphor at that point.” (Hard Knock TV)

In April, Curtis Jackson named Nas one of his all-time favorite emcees despite having a past rift with him.

“Top five favorite rappers, for me, would be artists like KRS-One, Rakim, Biggie, Tupac, one of my favorites too, Nas was one of my favorites early on,” Fif revealed in an interview. “[Favorite childhood artist?] KRS-One because the aggression that he came with, with ‘The Bridge Is Over.’ Like, hip-hop’s always been competitive so it’s always been battling, it’s been a part of the artform and he came in with the kind of energy that was necessary for you to make a statement.” (Larry King Now)

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