J. Cole Eyes Summer Release For Roc Nation Debut

J. Cole Eyes Summer Release For Roc Nation Debut

Roc Nation’s J. Cole has said he is aiming to release his upcoming debut album in late summer.

Cole feels August might bring the project’s release.

When the single “Who Dat,” from his yet-untitled debut album, dropped last week, it left many wondering when the album would drop. Cole was on Shade 45’s “The All Out Show” on Tuesday, and he explained that nothing was concrete, but it’s likely to be late summer. “They ain’t gave me no date yet, but I’ll just say August myself, because that’s what feels right and that’s what it looks like, trajectory-wise,” Cole said. (MTV)

Earlier this year, Cole said he was working with hitmaker Pharrell Williams.

“Ah man, Pharrell, that was incredible man,” Cole said about working with the producer. “I think he just got named producer of the decade by Billboard and I just read that today, so, even when I read it I was like ‘D*mn, I was just in the studio with this dude,’ so it’s kinda an honor to get some of his time like that and we came out of it with some good material, the song I really like. I’m not gonna speak on it though, [laughs], but just his creative process, he’s like an energy guy or whatever so, I seen it before. I was in the studio with Puff and he’s an energy guy too, like, you kinda just feed off of him. Like if somebody else plays a beat that he plays, you’re not gonna feel the same way because he sells it to you almost. Like his whole body movement, he’ll start singing the hook, or his idea for the hook and you’re like, ‘Yeah, yeah, you know that’s hot,’ so it’s just an honor to be in there with Pharrell…It’s gonna be good, man.” (One Neck, Two Chains)

He recently confirmed No I.D. being attached to his debut album.

“The plan, finish up this album, make sure that it’s classic,” Cole said in an interview, “make sure that it’s perfect, at least to my eyes and my standards. I got high standards, put it out, hope that it’s received well, hopefully [it’ll] have some hits and then some more hits and tourthe world man, really America. I wanna do a college tour — production-wise, it’s just me and No I.D. and a guy named Science. We’ve done a couple joints together. But other than that, I’m just trying to [focus] into my production but I’m open to anything man, so, I don’t care who it is. Even Pharrell, when we were on tour, Pharrell kept telling me he wanted to get it and I would love to do that.” (“Los Angeles Leakers”)

Aside from being co-signed by Nas, Mobb Deep’s Havoc is interested in working on the rapper’s debut.

“He’s on everybody’s short-list! I hate to be soundin’ like I’m on some kind of band-wagon, but I really feel that in my heart, that dude is dope! There’s a lot of other dope emcees out there, I hate to name just one. It seems like I’m just forgetting the rest, but he’s definitely on my radar. Even if I get a track on his album or not, I’m behind him 100% no matter what he do. I wish him well, and I know he’s going to do well, ’cause he seems like a real-for-real artist. He’s in it for the art.” (Hip Hop DX)

Check out a recent J. Cole interview down below:

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