J. Cole Breaks Own Promise W/ “Born Sinner” Tracklist? 50 Cent & Kendrick Lamar Attached

J. Cole Breaks Own Promise W/ “Born Sinner” Tracklist? 50 Cent & Kendrick Lamar Attached

Roc Nation rapper J. Cole may have broken his own promise of having no other artists rapping on his upcoming Born Sinner solo album as a leaked tracklist shows rap stars Kendrick Lamar and 50 Cent as guest features.

While it is not clear if they are singing or even just providing dialogue, the two Interscope Records rappers shine the brightest on Cole’s new LP tracklisting.

1. Villuminati 2. Kerney Sermon (Skit) 3. Land Of The Snakes 4. Power Trip f/ Miguel 5. Mo Money (Interlude) 6. Trouble 7. Run Away 8. She Know f/ Amber Coffman 9. Rich N***az 10. Where’s Jermaine (Skit) 11. Forbidden Fruit f/ Kendrick Lamar 12. Chaining Day 13. Ain’t That Some Sh*t (Interlude) 14. Crooked Smile f/ TLC 15. Let Nas Down 16. Born Sinner f/James Fauntleroy Deluxe: 17. Miss America 18. New York Times f/ 50 Cent & Bas 19. Is She Gon Pop 20. N***az Know 21. Sparks Will Fly f/ Jhene Aiko (Born Sinner)

In May, Cole said his new album would not feature anyone other than himself rapping.

“It’s like my favorites, I wanted to go and get my favorites and then have them do the things that I love them for doing — [TLC] is doing what I love them for,” Cole said in an interview. “Nobody else other than J. Cole is rapping on the album, but there’s some great features.” (FUSE)

Last week, Cole admitted he had not yet released the project’s star-studded listing.

“Yeah, now that one is true,” Cole said when asked about a rumored TLC collaboration on the new LP. “There’s a tracklist that came out that’s false. I ain’t put out the tracklist yet. TLC is definitely true — the song’s all about embracing my little imperfections and flipping it to empower the people to embrace theirs. We got issues and flaws, they try to make us feel lesser, so that’s what that joint is about.” (“Jenny Boom Boom”)

Along with the bogus tracklisting, Cole recently had to dismiss another rumor about a certain track appearing on the LP.

“‘I Disappointed Nas,’ [laughs] Please put this out tonight and tell them that’s not the title of the song,” Cole said in an interview. “That’s terrible. That’s why I don’t like playing songs for people early too, because I’m into surprises. And you’ve already like kind of ruined the surprise and murdered the title. ‘I Disappointed Nas.’ And that’s my man, too. Bro’s probably gonna look at it like, ‘Jesus Christ.'” (Soul Culture UK)

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