J. Cole Admits Second-Thinking Jay-Z: “I Wasn’t On It All The Time, But I’m A Conspiracy Theorist” [Audio]

J. Cole Admits Second-Thinking Jay-Z: “I Wasn’t On It All The Time, But I’m A Conspiracy Theorist” [Audio]

Roc Nation’s J. Cole recently talked about his relationship with rap mogul Jay-Z and admitted he, at one time, wondered about his alleged connections to the Illuminati.

According to Cole, prior to inking with the Roc he had his doubts about Jigga.

“You know, it’s crazy. Before I got a deal and became apart of the industry, I was one of those people. Like, I wasn’t on it all the time, but I’m a conspiracy theorist. Like, I believed those videos. So there were times where I’d look at a video that’s like, ‘Jay-Z, a member of The Illuminati!’ and I would be like, ‘Ohhhh! Like, yoooo! How is…’ and then you meet him, and you see how things work and you’re like, ‘Nah, man. That’s bogus.’ That’s somebody who’s so far away from the truth and what’s actually happening, just creating something. They’re probably high. But nah, it’s not true.” (Smoking Section)

Last year, singer The-Dream explained why he does not take the Illuminati theories seriously.

“Pretty funny, ’cause nobody really wants to give you credit for where you at,” Dream said when asked his opinion on Illuminati talks. “It’s a ‘higher’ power and they just happened to give it to the black people, yeah right. Whatever. If there was an Illuminati, they wouldn’t let black people in.” (The LIFE Files TV)

Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame previously shared the same sentiment when asked about Young Money’s Nicki Minaj and Illuminati rumors.

“I ain’t got no thoughts on that, that’s bullsh*t. Honeslty, — n*ggas just make up names ’cause they don’t know people’s business,” Flocka said in an interview. “So they create business for people’s business. Like, if people stop being so nosy and stay out of people’s business, maybe the name Illuminati won’t be created. Honestly, they’re just making a lot of money off of that sh*t because they selling books to people that’s buying it, and that money is generating millions. I don’t believe in that sh*t. Salute to Nicki, I loved her performance. I love everything she does. Squad.” (Toronto Rappers)

In 2011, Jay-Z spoke on the topic of success and being targeted in devil-worshipping talk.

“It may sound arrogant,” he says, “but I just think people can’t handle when somebody is successful. Something has gotta be wrong: you gotta be down with some higher power. And I guess when someone else is successful, it makes you feel like maybe you’re a failure. So it can’t be you, it has to be some other force.” (Sky)

Check out J. Cole’s interview:

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