“It’s Unfortunate Because They Respect Hip-Hop More Than People In The United States”

“It’s Unfortunate Because They Respect Hip-Hop More Than People In The United States”

With plans to kick-off an overseas tour next month in Australia, West Coast rap veteran WC recently chopped it up with SOHH to discuss what fans can expect once he and Ice Cube touch down in the town Down Under.

Promising to deliver signature gangster music, WC detailed why overseas concert attendees anticipate their shows more than local fans.

“We have that uncut raw, gangsta sh*t,” WC told SOHH. “Bottom line. I can’t put it to you no other way. I’d be lying if I told you we’d be doing anything other than that, especially overseas. Anytime we go overseas, that’s what they want out there. That’s what the fans really want. It’s unfortunate because they respect hip-hop more than people in the United States. But it’s just the way it is. Over here, in the States, we take it for granted because we’re around it so much and hear so much of it on the radio. But overseas, they don’t get it like that. When we go over there, it’s always so intense. … We haven’t been to Australia in about a year, so I know they’re hungry for it.” (SOHH)

WC also explores why he and Cube have managed to maintain a loyal international fan base over the past three decades now.

“The fans out in Australia are always so amped up to see us because they don’t get to see us on the regular,” WC added. “Being that it’s Ice Cube and myself, we’re some of the only few people that are doing gangster rap music. We’re authentic with it. When I say authentic, we’re not watering it down and trying to make it so radio is playing us. We’re doing us.” (SOHH)

Ice Cube and WC’s Australian tour is set to kick-off on April 14th.

Inertia has announced rap legend, Ice Cube will not be performing Down Under this September as reported in July, due to “issues beyond his control.” The label announced Ice Cube has postponed an Ausralian tour until April 2012 with three dates set to take in Darwin, Adelaide and Canberra. This news comes after the rapper’s Twitter page was updated on August 16 with, “Rumors are circulating that Ice Cube is touring Australia in Sept. NOT TRUE. The Ice Cube tour is set to hit Australia in APRIL 2012.” (The Music Network)

During that same month, rap mogul Diddy will also be performing in Australia for the first time.

Hard as it may seem to believe, Diddy has never played a concert in Australia! The rapper is set to perform his first gigs down under this Spring, including a headlining performance at Supafest, the country’s largest urban music festival. Diddy will perform on all four dates of the event, which is due to make stops in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane from April 14-22. (Starz Life)

For Ice Cube & WC’s Australia tour dates, just click here.

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