“It Was Like, ‘D*mn, This Is My Worst Selling Album Since ‘I’m Serious””

“It Was Like, ‘D*mn, This Is My Worst Selling Album Since ‘I’m Serious””

Grammy-winning rapper T.I. may be a platinum-selling artist but the “King of the South” recently reflected on the lackluster performance of last year’s No Mercy album and his determination to get back on top.

Based on an unreleased VIBE excerpt, Tip recalled being initially split over his 2010 solo album’s sales performance.

Being that Grand Hustle sent their franchise player the weekly Soundscan report, if it wasn’t a sales success, dude was clueless. This navigates our surfing to a Trapmusik.com article that announced when T.I.’s last album No Mercy, which was released a month and some days after the rapper returned to Forrest City, was certified Gold. “I was shocked as sh*t,” says Tip of the album which found success, despite his absence, with singles that featured Chris Brown and Eminem. “[But] then it was like ‘D*mn, this is my worst selling album since [2001’s] I’m Serious.’ Then when I saw that I got up to six [hundred thousand copies sold] I was like ‘D*mn I’m doing the same and more as motherf*ckers that’s on fire out there. I’m talking acts that’s all on the radio, got videos out, touring, I’m doing the same as them from in here. So then I started getting anxious. I felt like I gotta get out there and seal the deal.” (VIBE)

Last December, Tip’s LP pushed out over 100,000 copies during its opening week.

Leading the way this week is incarcerated rapper T.I.’s No Mercy which debuted at No. 4, behind Glee Cast‘s Music: XMas (193,400), Taylor Swift‘s Speak Now (200,900) and Susan Boyle‘s The Gift (243,200). According to Nielsen SoundScan, Tip’s new album has shoveled out 159,700 records after one week in stores. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Following the sales debut, T.I. released an open letter from jail, where he spent 11 months on a probation violation, with his reaction.

“What up world? First off I’d like to thank everybody again for going out and supporting the “Hustle” yet again with “No Mercy” last week. I can’t say enough on how much I appreciate the support and all the positive feedback. I read so many tweets, letters, reviews and comments that spoke volumes to how much love was still out there and how much respect still exists for my art and my passion. I put so much of myself into what I do. I even read over the negative comments cuz’ that’s the kind of energy I feed off of to adjust, evolve and improve my craft until it manifests into the closest thing to perfection on the next go-round. I love hearing your opinions on what songs you like most for the next singles. We are taking all of them into consideration as we decide right now on which direction to head in. I know this seems like an unfortunate set of circumstances to endure for a career with so much potential but remember adversity builds character and character takes you places money can’t. I know what’s in store for me in the future so I ain’t trippin’ and neither should you. For now all my love and best wishes to you and yours for the holidays. Y’all hold it down out there and I’ll do the same in here. And continue to spread the word about “No Mercy” & Team T.I..” (Trap Muzik)

The Atlanta rapper is currently putting together his new Trouble Man album.

“My life inspires my lyrics at all times, so at that moment in time, when I first came home, I have about 15 songs just totally focusing on that,” T.I. said. “Out of those 15, I probably picked the two or three most significant, most compelling, impactful ones, and after I’ve been out for a minute, then I’ve got records totally focusing on speaking to people who can only focus on that and telling them I’m ready to move on. The name of the album is Trouble Man, and every song on here is about things that can get me in troubl — I’m reminiscing on the days when I used to run wild and do my thing the way I used to do it. I’ve got records that are just totally intellectually ignorant.” (MTV)

No Mercy has reportedly sold over 500,000 copies since its December 2010 release.

T.I.’s Trouble Man is slated to hit stores shelves in early 2012.

Check out some recent T.I. footage below:

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