“It Was Drake’s Single & I Wanted To Rip It To Pieces”

“It Was Drake’s Single & I Wanted To Rip It To Pieces”

As his music continues to heat up the Internet, newly signed Bad Boy Records rapper Los recently spoke to SOHH about his music, the new “Make You Proud” track with DMX and plans for 2012.

The Baltimore rapper was also asked to discuss a few of his freestyles, specifically, the work he has done over Drake’s “Lord Knows,” “Over” and DJ Khaled‘s “I’m On One.”


“Lord Knows … I felt like that beat just spoke to me. It’s really to the point, that was like my reintroduction to being ill. I did a lot lof original music as of late and “Lord Knows” was that one where I was coming back to the mixtape circuit and to the cypher. “Lord Knows” is one of those that you bring to the cypher. There’s alotta knowledge, sarcasm and wit in it and all those elements are what makes hip hop amazing.”(SOHH)


“Over” was a statement. Basically like, “I’m better than everybody.” That’s what I aim for: I wanna upstage everybody. I wanna come with things that you’ve never heard and styles that you’ve never witnessed before, so when I did “Over” people were making a big hype about it. It was Drake’s single and I wanted to take it and rip it to pieces. I would describe “Over” as a classic freestyle.” (SOHH)


“It was a superhyped song, which made it really vulnerable to me. Just like with “Over,” alotta times when a beat gets really hyped and everybody’s excited about it, I’ll take it. I’ll do what I do to it and every time I take on a beat I aim to do something that hadn’t been done at that point.” (SOHH)

Check out some recent footage of Los freestyling alongside MMG artist Meek Mill:

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