Irv Gotti Talks “Gotti’s Way” Family Problems, “I’m The Bad Guy” [Video]

Irv Gotti Talks “Gotti’s Way” Family Problems, “I’m The Bad Guy” [Video]

Hip-Hop mogul Irv Gotti recently spoke about what fans could expect from his second season run of “Gotti’s Way” and described his “bad guy” image with his estranged wife, Deb.

Keeping details scarce, Gotti explained what he had in store for viewers with the show’s continuation.

“It isn’t getting worse,” Gotti said regarding this season’s family setting. “With Deb, after season one, so many people were like, ‘Set boundaries. This is all that the people are gonna see.’ I’m like, ‘We’re just raising our kids.’ What’s so bad about me — even though we’re not together — coming over and the kids seeing us together happy? But she’s like, ‘No.’ She goes to a therapist. … I’m the bad guy. It’s conflict in this one, but the conflict is real. Even when I went to see Russell [Simmons], Russell is like, ‘You should pick the kids up and go somewhere else.’ Why? … With Deb, for the most part, me and her are cool.” (MTV)

Irv recently spoke on high-profile relationships being fabricated and claimed Jay-Z and Beyonce‘s marriage was organic.

“I just don’t think most [celebrity relationships] are real and have a real foundation,” Irv explained in an interview. “I don’t think that it started with real love and everything. I think the way Hov is, everyone started getting on these celebrity couples after they seen Hov and [Beyonce] which I believe is the one true, real one. I want ‘em to make it. I like those two alot. Hov is my brother and I’m just happy for them now. But they thing looks really real and with everyone else, it’s like Hov tells you to take off your throwbacks and put on button-downs and that’s what they do. They see Hov with the power couple and that’s what they doing. That’s like what’s ‘in’ now.” (Hot 97)

Last season’s finale, which aired in 2007, led fans to believe a divorce would take place.

‘We can announce today, officially, that we’re doing season 2,” MTV Networks entertainment president Brian Graden told EW‘s Margeaux Watson in 2007. “Production’s almost immediate, because we know what’s going in their lives.” Graden won’t divulge any details but hints the season finale, titled “Divorce Pt. 2,” doesn’t resolve the question of whether Gotti and his estranged wife Deb reconcile. “It is definitely explored in season 2,” he offers, “I think it’s fair to say that that conversation is still very much alive.” (Hollywood Insider)

Premiering last night (May 4), the show picked up where last season’s ended.

Season 2 follows the unique lives of record producer Irv Gotti, his estranged wife Deb and their three children where we’ll see Irv under pressure to keep up with the changes in the music industry while trying to keep his record label relevant. We’ll also focus on Deb as she struggles with their “arrangement” while she takes steps to gain some independence from Irv in an attempt take more control of her life. (PR Newswire)

Check out Irv speaking on his relationship with Deb below:

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