Irv Gotti Receives Def Jam Presidency Co-Sign, “I’m Down To Help You Campaign”

Irv Gotti Receives Def Jam Presidency Co-Sign, “I’m Down To Help You Campaign”

Former Murder Inc. CEO Irv Gotti‘s calling for the Def Jam presidency has not hit deaf ears, as Roc Nation’s Jay Electronica is down to help the music executive’s potential campaign.

Supporting his movement, Jay Elect co-signed the music mogul responsible for helping shape the careers of Ja Rule, DMX, Jay-Z, Ashanti and more.

“#IrvGottiForDefJamPresident,” he tweeted October 12th.

“If Irv Gotti is on Twitter, Im down to help you campaign to achieve your spoken goal of becoming the def jam president” (Jay Electronica’s Twitter)

Last week, Gotti revealed his aim and motivation to become Def Jam president.

“I wanted to speak on this because I love the hip-hop culture with a deep, deep passion,” Gotti said in an interview. “Def Jam is the light of that culture; Def Jam personifies the hip-hop culture. There is no other hip-hop label like Def Jam…If you don’t want to hire me — the best man for the job, the man who will die for it — cool, I understand. You think I’m Suge Knight, you think the feds may come in here again if you hire me, cool…Put somebody in there, because you not giving any sign or any indication that you care about my culture.” (RapFix)

In 2009, Def Jam’s Nas contemplated whether or not he would want to sit in the label’s big seat.

“Yes and no,” Nas said about being offered the presidency. “I don’t know what’s in store for the future. I’m happy to do whatever makes sense. I would love to add on and help hip-hop, I feel Def Jam is a great label for hip-hop music but I feel they could be doing a lot more for hip-hop, that’s what it’s about. Obviously people they have, have their own agendas and own direction and I respect that too. I think I can add on but I don’t know, at this point and time, I’m just taking it day-by-day, I’m not getting too caught up into all of that.” (PunchBowl)

Ex-Def Jam artist Jay-Z held the title until he stepped down in 2007.

Three years ago, Jay-Z signed an incentive-based contract to take over the storied hip-hop label, and in 2006, he returned from “retirement” to put out a new album, Kingdom Come. The project was met with mixed reviews but was best known for the controversies that surrounded it. Several artists who were signed to Def Jam voiced their displeasure that the president of the company was busy promoting and supporting his own album rather than helping to market works by other acts on the label. (MTV)

L.A. Reid recently left his position as Island Def Jam CEO.

Check out some past Irv Gotti footage below:

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