Internet Hottie Kreayshawn Finds Her Home, “My Hope Is To Inspire Others To Be Young, Wild & Free”

Internet Hottie Kreayshawn Finds Her Home, “My Hope Is To Inspire Others To Be Young, Wild & Free”

After some online speculation last week, Internet sensation Kreayshawn has officially set the record straight by announcing her record deal with Sony Music Entertainment.

Based on press statement from Sony, Kreayshawn is officially signed to the label’s Columbia Records division.

East Oakland native, visual artist, swag assassin, and undercat Kreayshawn (Kray-shawn) has officially signed with Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment. The 21 year-old will release “Gucci Gucci” via digital retailers on Tuesday, June 14th and prepare her forthcoming full-length debut album, due later this year. Described by GQ Magazine as a “loveable oddball,” Kreayshawn says of the new partnership, “I’m excited to work with my new Columbia family. They understand my vision and are going to let me continue everything I’ve been doing. My hope is to inspire others to be young, wild, and free.” (Press Release)

Last week, speculation emerged claiming she inked a $1 million deal with Sony.

Since her performance at SXSW in Austin, Texas in March, Kreayshawn has had the Internet going nuts. Rumored to have recently signed a $1 million contract with Sony after dropping her new video, ‘Gucci Gucci,’ which accrued 1.6 million hits on YouTube in two weeks, Kreayshawn is the next logical step for hipster hip-hop fans, following fellow West Coast oddball-indie success stories Odd Future and Lil B. (The Boom Box)

Kreayshawn also hinted at the Sony deal last week but said the ink had not yet dried.

“[As far as the deal with Sony] nothing is finalized yet,” she told Complex. “We took meetings with every label. They’re not the only people we met with. We’ll make an announcement when everybody is ready, but right now, that’s basically just a rushed ahead rumor. It’s not that exciting. Whatever we end up choosing, it’s going to be a well-thought out decision.” (Complex)

Proud of her ethnicity, the indie rapper recently spoke on her place in hip-hop.

“There’s a whole bunch of new things going on, from Odd Future to Lil B,” she said. “There’s a whole bunch of kids coming out from everywhere doing whatever they want. That’s what I’m doing–I’m doing whatever I want to the fullest, ‘cuz I really don’t care if people don’t like little white girls rapping.” (iHipHop)

Check out Kreayshawn’s “Gucci Gucci” music video below:

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