Internet Goes Nuts Over Spoiled H.A.M., “This Song Doesn’t Make Me Want To Purchase The Album”

Internet Goes Nuts Over Spoiled H.A.M., “This Song Doesn’t Make Me Want To Purchase The Album”

As Kanye West and Jay-Z‘s new “H.A.M.” track circulates online, SOHH reached out to our Twitter readers to get their reaction to the Watch the Throne single.

Some readers felt ‘Ye and Jay served up a bonafide banger.

“@sohhdotcom Jigga and KanYe went in! “Head shots..f*ck ya vest!” (SnakeEyes4’s Twitter)

“@sohhdotcom It’s just an OKAY track and song! Nothing to get excited about!” (RayyLive’s Twitter)

“Jay-Z bodied it, thts it. RT @sohhdotcom: Reactions to #HAM! Kanye’s verse? Jay-Z’s verse? The production? The (cont)” (StatusLive’s Twitter)

Despite a few co-signs, a majority of SOHH followers were disappointed by the single.

“@sohhdotcom Trash.” (Numba1One’s Twitter)

“@sohhdotcom well doggy they could’ve come way harder than that. This song does not make me wanna purchase the album but I will #Limewire it” (daRealFelicia’s Twitter)

“@sohhdotcom #HAM is another failed attempt at Kanye and Jay trying to go beyond hip hop and just making more noisy overrated sh*t Stans love.” (PopCity85’s Twitter)

“@sohhdotcom how bout this for honesty! IT SUCKS!!! WACK! HORRIBLE! BOOO! WAMP WAMP! lbs (hey! U asked homie!) #Ham” (GreenStGooch’s Twitter)

“@sohhdotcom Not good” (MolemenRecords’ Twitter)

Other readers felt the song’s release was untimely, as the sound invoked a summertime sentiment.

“@sohhdotcom That H.A.M record by Kanye & Jay-Z is 1 summer to late BMF, MC Hammer, Hard N Da Paint has been done already” (DMVSkins’ Twitter)

“@sohhdotcom Not exactly the track needed to hold on to that throne.” (dizturbdwun’s Twitter)

While making note of the song’s lackluster appeal, some readers felt the song was only a teaser of what is yet to come from the rap heavyweight duo.

“@sohhdotcom not what i wanted to be honest , if this is the worst they can do then this LP will be great….jay had a gd verse” (KillaKev92’s Twitter)

“@sohhdotcom Lazy a** song but I dont think it’s a single just a leak…they probably got some other joints with Lex Luger that may go HAM.” (GeeFamo’s Twitter)

“@sohhdotcom we as fans talk about the state of hip hop. That song is tolerated cause its 2011 not 1996. Its an ok song” (BHREDAD98’s Twitter)

“@sohhdotcom I’m a Hugh [sp] fan of both Jay and Ye bit umm this ain’t hot! I know they got craazy records this jus ain’t one of them…” (StarChile’s Twitter)

“@sohhdotcom Production is typical Lex Luger. The song “Ham” in general is some south s**t that’s played out at this point.” (kcutta704’s Twitter)

“@sohhdotcom Its an okay song..nothing special Jay’s verse is witty and rich as usual..As a Kanye West and Jay-Z fan I expected a bit more..” (Mrfre_D’s Twitter)

“H.A.M.” was released on the Internet at midnight.

What did you think of “H.A.M.”? Speak on it in the comment box below.

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