“In This Business, Street Cred Is Very Important – 50 Cent Recognizes That”

“In This Business, Street Cred Is Very Important – 50 Cent Recognizes That”

[With rap star 50 Cent recently digging into his pockets and becoming an official investor in social networking application Hang With, Inc., the company’s president Dave Swartz speaks to SOHH readers about what the future holds.]

In this business, street cred is very important. We’re launching a medium that we ultimately want to appeal to a younger demographic and if you don’t have street cred, then you’re not going to be successful.

I think it is all a part of the business. I think the fact that 50 Cent is such a good businessman, he recognizes it as well. He’s willing to bring that to the platform and that means a lot.

I see Hang W/ getting really fun, really fast. I think that we’re going to start to see it work its way into different verticals of pop culture and you’re going to have the ability to hang out not just with hip-hop people but with people from all categories of music and entertainment.

I see us moving forward with the introduction of different channels of content. That’s going to be a big part of what we do moving forward. I believe as more big names get onboard, you’re going to see even more big names join and you’ll see so much more talent using it.

I also think that, on the flip side, just like today there are a lot of YouTube celebrities, you’re going to get a lot of Hang W/ celebrities where people just live their lives and showing what they do. It’s going to get them a lot of notoriety.

To me, one of the questions about Hang W/ versus other streaming and live platforms is how they compare and I think Hang W/ is meant to be very raw. There are other things that if you want to produce a concert or put something out via a live stream, you want to sit at your desk and stream, there’s things like that but I don’t think there’s anything like Hang W/ that’s just so in the moment and raw.

A year from today, hopefully, we’re going to have a better look into each other’s lives, see each other better and get to know each other better.

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