“I’m Very Grateful To BET For Taking Notice Of An Independent Artist”

“I’m Very Grateful To BET For Taking Notice Of An Independent Artist”

East Coast artist Nitty Scott MC, who gained notoriety after appearing in this year’s BET Hip-Hop Awards Cypher, recently explained to SOHH how she became a part of one of the ceremony’s most popular segments.

According to Nitty, she received her invitation from BET via the Internet.

“I think it sends a strong message that you can stay true to yourself and your grind and still take your music to the next platform. There was no political hookup there, I’m not co-signed or affiliated with any other established rapper or group. BET sent me an e-mail that basically said the network would like Nitty Scott to be featured in this year’s cypher.”(SOHH)

Scott went on to add that, since appearing in the cypher, her online following has seen a significant increase.

“There were definitely alot of questions as far as who I am and where I’m coming from after the show aired. I saw a significant bump as far as the numbers on my YouTube videos and mixtape downloads. I’m very grateful to the BET network for taking notice of an independent artist. “(SOHH)

As the cypher grows in popularity, artists outside the rap community often attempt to join in; however, as veteran DJ Premier recently explained, pop star Justin Beiber was denied.

Don’t get it wrong, DJ Premier doesn’t have anything against Justin Bieber. The story goes like this, Justin Bieber asked if he could join the BET Cyphers ’11 which was cool for Premo and the staff. DJ Premier doesn’t care who joins the cyphers as long as you can spit dope verses everybody is allowed. But then Justin Bieber wanted Ludacris to write his rhymes and that wasn’t allowed by DJ Premier. Thanks to DJ Premier the BET Cyphers are still spitting rhymes on dope breaks like they used to do it on the streets… Word! (DJ Premier Blog)

As DJ Holiday explains, the cyphers allow rap fans and artists alike to become familiarized with newer acts.

“I had just took notice of Big Sean at last year’s cypher. I had been in around for a couple of shows he did in Atlanta, but I wasn’t a true fan yet. But we officially met, got cool and I began listening to his mixtapes. Then I saw him in the cypher and liked his delivery. The whole G.O.O.D. Music family are cool.” (SOHH)

Last year, femcee Nicki Minaj revealed that although she had become an award-winning artist, her love of the cypher was once the highlight of the award show experience.

“Last year, I was here in anticipation of the cypher,” she told the crowd, referring to the artist rap freestyles that run in between the award presentations and performances. “Now I’m here in anticipation of my debut. [Pink Friday, set for release November 23.] “I’m paving the way for girls,” she continued. “I wanna thank all the girls of hip-hop.” Jay-Z was also able to bag three awards with the Perfect Combo “Empire State of Mind” (with Alicia Keys), CD of the Year (The Blueprint 3) and Best Live Performer. (Singersroom)

Check out this track from Nitty Scott below:

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