“I’m Having A Problem W/ Reality TV Shows Because It’s More About Beefing”

“I’m Having A Problem W/ Reality TV Shows Because It’s More About Beefing”

Video vixen Tahiry recently shared her thoughts on reality television shows and why she is skeptical about possibly getting involved with one.

While she enjoys shows like “Love & Hip-Hop,” Tahiry feels they are presented to create controversy.

“I thought about it while watching [‘Love & Hip-Hop’],” Tahiry said in an interview. “I’m having a problem with reality shows period right now because it’s more about beefing. I mean of course everybody wants to see the train wrecks, we get it, you know what I’m saying. It went from allowing somebody into your home and allowing people to see certain things, even if it’s scripted somewhat, to now everybody’s f*cking acting a fool and fighting and acting crazy. I think first episode, you speak to me a certain way, I think that that’s it, hello ‘Bad Girl’s Club.’ So, would I be in it? It all depends. But, just follow me around and I have enough drama so I don’t even have to pretend.” (XXL Mag)

Although reality television may not be in her distant future, Tahiry said she is up on shows like “Basketball Wives” and “Jersey Shore.”

“Well first off, I’m a fiend, I literally just watch reality shows. Second of all, [‘Love & Hip-Hop] is the first show that I think we have after Basketball Wives. I think that ‘Love & Hip-Hop’ is the one show that people that love hip-hop and just like the whole urban thing [have]. We didn’t have anything, everything [is] ‘Jersey Shore.’ You know, we don’t see them shows in the projects so we have ‘Love & Hip-Hop.’ I believe every one of these girls [is] somebody [women] could relate to and their struggles. There’s always a chick at home and n*gga doing what he doing, living the life and [she’s] unhappy; and there’s always a chick who wants to be famous and drops everything to come to New York. You know, everybody has a story, so I’m a fan.” (XXL Mag)

Dipset’s Jim Jones recently talked to SOHH about turning down a reality show offer.

“‘Love & Hip-Hop’ was initially my TV show that [VH1] has been trying to do for about four years now. But for three years prior, they had been trying to get me to do this reality show and they shot a pilot. I wasn’t really feeling the pilot, because I felt the camera was too much on me and showing too much of my life as far as Jim Jones is concerned. So we had re-evaluated the situation.” (SOHH)

Last year, Tahiry revealed an interest in launching her own reality show.

“Right now, we’re setting it all up, I’m looking at reality TV,” Tahiry revealed in an interview. “Possibly try some acting. I just had a couple interviews and I said I’m not trying to be Halle Berry, but Rosie Perez 2010 why the f*ck not? I’m never afraid to try anything. Hosting, I did that for the Rucker — whatever door’s open, I’m walking right through them. [Me and Joe Budden] were doing meetings [for a reality show], but we were doing it together. Now we’re basically, there’s a fork in the road. Yes, it was pretty close [to finalizing]. Sad but true. We got as far as sitting down and being right where we need to be.” (YouTube)

Check out some past Tahiry footage below:

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