Iggy Azalea Reveals Truth Behind Azealia Banks Beef

Iggy Azalea Reveals Truth Behind Azealia Banks Beef

Grand Hustle’s Iggy Azalea is clearing out her closet after months of back-and-forth feuding with New York hip-hop newcomer Azealia Banks, revealing their issues go further back than fans realize.

According to Iggy, their viral problems date back to some Twitter remarks fired her way last year.

During an interview with Brooklyn Martino, Azalea explains the origins of the rivalry between the 21-year-old Harlem spitter, which she states began at the CMJ Festival last year. This was when Banks first threw shots at her over Twitter. “It actually started at CMJ Music Festival back in September when she went on Twitter and said, ‘I’m next level, I had a song about being a Barbie before Nicki Minaj had a song about being a Barbie. Here’s the link to my song. And f*ck Iggy Azalea, I had a song called “P*ssy” before she ever did. Here’s a link to my song. It’s better.” The Grand Hustle rapstress said the issues continued after she responded with a couple of tweets of her own. It wasn’t until Azalea was XXL’s freshman list that Banks went in on her again, breaking down her lyrics and accusing her of being a racist. (Complex)

A few weeks ago, rapper A$AP Rocky, who shares relationships with both artists, said they should consider squashing the beef and collaborating.

“I don’t really got nothin’ to say about that situation, that ain’t got nothin’ to do with me,” Rocky said laughing. “I know both of ‘em, that’s all I do is know both of ‘em.” Banks and Rocky both hail from Harlem, New York, and he and Iggy have been linked romantically, though neither will confirm a relationship. “I know both of ‘em, and I feel like they shouldn’t be beefin’. They both comin’ up; they need to get along,” Rock said. “I think they’d make a dope song together, personally.” (MTV)

A few weeks ago, Iggy issued a statement over a controversial lyric from her “D.R.U.G.S.” record, which initially appeared to have angered Banks.

“Im writing you today to address a lyric I said a few months ago in one of my songs that I feel has been used to unfairly slander my character and paint me as a racist person. Kendrick Lamar is one of my favorite artists and I loved his song ‘Look Out for Detox’ so much I decided to do my own version of it last year. The lyrics I wrote follow the original version closely; One lyric in particular has offended a lot of people and for that, I apologize. The artist’s lyric was: “when the relay starts I’m a runway slave” My lyric was: “when the relay starts I’m a runaway slave…Master, sh*tting on the past gotta spit it like a pastor This is a metaphoric take on an originally literal lyric, and I was never trying to say I am a slave owner.” [sic] (Miss Jia)

The verse struck a chord with Azealia who used it to blast Iggy’s accolade as one of XXL Magazine’s Freshmen ’12 picks.

“Iggy Azalea on the XXL freshman list is all wrong,” remarked Banks on Twitter. “How can you endorse a white woman who called herself a ‘runaway slave master’?” She continued, “Sorry guys. But I’m pro black girl. I’m not anti white girl, but I’m also not here for any1 outside of my culture trying to trivialize very serious aspects of it.” Iggy, who is affiliated with T.I.‘s Grand Hustle family, did not personally address the comments, but did respond to her critics. “You can’t block my blessings! Today I’m celebrating! Get with it or kick rocks!” she tweeted. “First female freshman. Ever. Period. Thanks world! I used to stick XXL on my bedroom door, now I’m on the cover. Life is great.” (Rap-Up)

Check out a recent Iggy Azalea interview below:

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