Iggy Azalea Keeps Lips Sealed On A$AP Rocky, Says She’ll “Never Do A Sex Tape” [Video]

Iggy Azalea Keeps Lips Sealed On A$AP Rocky, Says She’ll “Never Do A Sex Tape” [Video]

Grand Hustle rapper Iggy Azalea is keeping her lips sealed on gossip surrounding an alleged love connection between her and Harlem, New York rapper A$AP Rocky.

Recently pressured to address the romance rumor, Iggy said her love life is strictly kept under wraps.

As for love, the “Ignorant Art” rapper neither confirmed nor denied her romantic ties to A$AP Rocky. “If i were in a relationship ever in life, you would never hear me talk about it and it’s not about career,” she said. “It’s because I believe some things you have to keep to yourself. Relationships are one of them.” She also admitted that Momma Azalea thought she played for another team. “My mother thought I was a lesbian because I would never bring home guys,” she said only to reaffirm, “I’m not into women.” One thing that is for sure, though: “I’d never do a sex tape,” the Wilhelmina-signed model said. “I’m boring.” We might have to disagree on that last part. (VIBE)

Last January, Iggy reportedly spilled the beans on her hook-up with Rocky and allegedy donning his tattoo.

“Ugh, it’s hard to say without getting myself in trouble. [Laughs],” she said when asked about the tat. “I don’t know how to put it. It’s like… I… I don’t know… I love him and that’s all there is to it. We have our own thing going on and I’m not the only one that [got the tattoos]. I’ll tell you that. [Laughs] I’m just the only one with it on my fingers! [Do I love the movement or Rocky?] It’s not the movement. I’ll tell you that. [Am I single?] I’d have to say that I’m taken.” (VIBE)

In March, she dished out what ideal features she looks for in a man.

“People think every guy is trying to get my number. I don’t have people asking for my number every day or even every week. I often meet people in working environments where it’s professional,” she said. “[Do I like guys as sexual as me?] No, they turn me off. I wouldn’t want to date the guy version of me. If I were a man I’d be a womanizer. I like reserved guys. When they give you attention, it makes me think, “Aww, I’m special.”” (Complex)

Recently, Rocky spoke on tensions boiling between Iggy and New York rapper Azealia Banks.

“I don’t really got nothin’ to say about that situation, that ain’t got nothin’ to do with me,” Rocky said laughing. “I know both of ‘em, that’s all I do is know both of ‘em.” Banks and Rocky both hail from Harlem, New York, and he and Iggy have been linked romantically, though neither will confirm a relationship. “I know both of ‘em, and I feel like they shouldn’t be beefin’. They both comin’ up; they need to get along,” Rock said. “I think they’d make a dope song together, personally.” (MTV)

Check out Iggy Azalea’s interview below:

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