Iggy Azalea Addresses Nas Dating Rumors, Reveals Why She Broke Up W/ A$AP Rocky [Video]

Iggy Azalea Addresses Nas Dating Rumors, Reveals Why She Broke Up W/ A$AP Rocky [Video]

Grand Hustle’s Iggy Azalea has stepped forward to clear the air on rumors about dating rap stars like Nas and explain why things did not work out with A$AP Rocky.

While Iggy denied dating Nas, she did admit he is a close friend.

“I heard I was dating Nas, I heard I was dating T.I., I ‘was’ dating T.I. and I was dating Kanye West as well,” Iggy sarcastically said in an interview. “And I posted a photo shopped picture of Drake so I was dating him too. The funny thing is I don’t use any of their production or features. I’m good. … No, I’m not dating Nas. That picture is from when we were on tour together and we were at an afterparty where we both got paid to be at and took a picture together. He is a good friend to me — he’s a really smart guy and he’s taken a lot of risks in his career that people think are insane. I had a lot to talk about with him because I take a lot of risks as well.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

The Australian rapper also explained why things fizzled out with ex-boyfriend A$AP Rocky.

“You know who the first was,” Iggy added, referring to A$AP being the first famous rapper she has dated. “Let’s be real, you’re not that stupid — we fell out because I’m young and he’s young and it’s a really difficult time. For me, I was going through a lot of stuff and his career was going great and mine was going a different way and we stopped hanging out. But we’re still cool, we’re still friends. … I have no ill feelings to A$AP. He’s cool and I’m really proud of him and his album going number one.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

Rumors of Iggy and Nasty Nas hanging out heated up the Internet last week.

Nas was spotted backstage last week at the afterparty for an Iggy Azaelia concert. The two arrived together, hung out in VIP together, and left together. It definitely had people wondering what’s going on between these two. (MTO)

Back in March, Iggy came forward to address coverage of her crossing out an A$AP tattoo.

“FYI. I’ve had that tattoo crossed out for MONTHS. Hop off my nuts. Your late and It shouldn’t be news anyhow.,” she tweeted March 2nd.

“That’s the kinda f*ckery blog sh*t that works my nerves.”

“It’s been crossed out SO long it faded and I got it retouched with the rest of my finger tats. I just never felt the need to broadcast it.” (Iggy Azalea’s Twitter)

Check out Iggy Azalea interview:

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