“If You’re Thinking About Marrying This Woman, Check Her Mama Out First”

“If You’re Thinking About Marrying This Woman, Check Her Mama Out First”

[In light of the upcoming Think Like a Man flick dropping this Friday, SOHH’s asking your favorite Hollywood stars and hip-hop celebrities for some relationship advice. Today, Hollywood veteran John Witherspoon gives some certified grown man dating tips.]

John Witherspoon says…

When you’re out on a date with someone, you have to see her personality. That personality is just a reflection of herself. So you have to be careful when you’re looking at that.

The reason I say look at the personality closely is because if you end up marrying her, it’s going to be worse. I bet you she could go home and her mama might be doing the same d*mn thing. Watch out for her saying “me” and “I” too much because her mama is doing the same d*mn thing.

Looking after the date, something you really have to consider is if you’re thinking about marrying this woman, you’ve got to go and check her mama out first. You don’t even think about proposing until you’ve seen her mama.

You can’t go proposing to her until you’ve seen her mama. Her mama might end up being crazy and then her daughter’s going to be crazy. That means you’re going to end up marrying that. The last thing you want to do is marry a woman that’s only saying, “I’m”, “I’m” and “I’m.” Shoot, I’m old.

Don’t worry about the in-laws though if you’re in love with the woman. You’re not marrying them. So if you’re OK with the woman you’re marrying but can’t get along with the in-laws, just move out of town. They may not like you but with you marrying their daughter, they think you’re marrying the whole family.

When you have that kind of trouble, you might just have to pack up and head on out to Chicago.

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Be sure to check in tomorrow when a reality television star and Memphis rap star wrap things up with some final dating tips.

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