“If You’re Thinkin’ About Gunnin’ At Joe Budden On The Mic, You Better Have Your Bars Up”

“If You’re Thinkin’ About Gunnin’ At Joe Budden On The Mic, You Better Have Your Bars Up”

SOHH recently caught up with M.O.P. member Billy Danze to discuss his outlook on the rap scene over the past several years, as well as gave props to lyrical quartet Slaughterhouse for their emceeing skills.

When asked his thoughts on the state of popular music, the Brooklyn rapper insisted the question required a bit of scrutiny.

“Popular Hip Hop music … can we say ‘popular music’ then say ‘hip-hop music’ separately?” asked Danze. “Because those are two different things. Music that’s passionless is not what I want to hear. I haven’t really heard a song in the last 5 years that’s classic.”(SOHH)

Danze went on to say that he refuses to share stage time with any MC that has been caught half-stepping.

“With majority of today’s artists, there’s no effort [being demonstrated] in the music. If what’s coming out nowadays is your opinion of a good rapper then I’m almost ashamed to say that I’m a rapper. I don’t knock ‘em — this is a business, so you gotta go out there and make music that gives you enough money to take care of your family, but don’t bring that over here. Don’t get on no stage with me walkin’ around.”(SOHH)

When asked what current artists exemplify the qualities of a true MC, Danze saluted the Slaughterhouse team for setting an example of how to rock the mic right.

“I wish I could find a rapper that makes me wanna rap. If I don’t listen to Slaughterhouse, then I really don’t wanna hear nobody rap. You know what, I watched Crooked-I freestyle on YouTube … I had no idea who the dude was and he slaughtered it dude. Joe Budden was on a radio show one time and I actually called up and apologized to Joe because I had no clue that he was that dope. That dude go hard, and if you’re thinkin’ about gunnin’ at Joe Budden on the mic you better have your bars up ’cause he serious about it. That whole Slaughterhouse team is serious, dude. (SOHH)

Earlier this year, Bronx MC Fred the Godson also vouched for Joey and the Slaughterhouse crew as some of the strongest spitters in the game.

“I have always said Joe Budden was one of the most underrated rappers and a lot of the Slaughterhouse members are underrated as well. When you look at them, they are really underrated as a whole. That’s why they probably all felt the same way and formed their group up. They’re lyrically crazy from Joe Budden to Royce Da 5’9 to Joell Ortiz to Crooked I. But if I had to name one person, it would have to be Joe Budden.”(SOHH)

Check out this new track from M.O.P. titled “Anybody Can Get It” from their upcoming album Sparta, in stores November 22nd.

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