“If You Were A Fan Of The ‘Boondocks,’ Get On This ‘Black Dynamite’ Wave”

“If You Were A Fan Of The ‘Boondocks,’ Get On This ‘Black Dynamite’ Wave”

After gaining a steady buzz for co-scoring T-Pain‘s “Freaknik” Cartoon Network special back in 2010, SOHH recently chopped it up with Tha Bizness’ Dow Jones for his take on more urban entertainment getting featured on the channel’s late-night Adult Swim programming.

Dow said one of his favorite Adult Swim shows as of late is the new “Black Dynamite” cartoon.

“Ah man, Black Dynamite, man, you already know,” Dow Jones told SOHH when asked if he is a fan of the new Cartoon Network/Adult Swim cartoon. “They had this little episode the other night and anybody that don’t know, if you were a fan of the ‘Boondocks,’ get on this ‘Black Dynamite’ wave, man. It’s out there. Black cartoons. We back, man.” (SOHH)

He also discussed the importance of Adult Swim catering to the teenage and mature crowds.

“T-Pain’s ‘Freaknik’ was on there too, man,” Dow added. “We were all down for that. You know we’re all down for that Adult Swim gang. If you look at it, kids can’t wake up now on the weekends and get up and watch NBC and see some cool cartoons. It ain’t the same as it was before. Cartoon Network stepped in and they’ve got all the fly cartoons. It’s really not for the one and two year-old’s, but the kids that are growing up and trying to find their ways. I definitely wouldn’t recommend ‘Black Dynamite’ to the five year-old crowd or anything like that. That’s why it’s on there late night. Cartoon Network got that Adult Swim swag.” (SOHH)

Back in May, Adult Swim reportedly renewed Odd Future‘s “Loiter Squad” prank-based show for a second season.

Who would have ever guessed that television audiences enjoy watching young men play pranks on people? So weird. Anyway, Adult Swim has announced that the Odd Future live-action prank/sketch show “Loiter Squad” has been renewed for a second season. No premiere date for the second season has been announced yet. (Pitchfork)

A month prior, T-Pain publicly co-signed the rap crew’s late-night gag series.

“@oddfuckingtaco #loitersqaud is the sh*t homie. Congrats on the show my n*gga. Tell @f*cktyler I hate frogs.,” he tweeted April 7th.

“@oddf*ckingtaco even if that was a sarcastic tweet hahahahaaaa. I am pretty cool tho lol”

“@f*cktyler dude I didn’t even think this was really your page. What the fuck is that twitcon dude hahahahaaaa” (T-Pain’s Twitter)

Check out the “Black Dynamite” cartoon trailer below:

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