“If We Can Pull Those Fans Into Our Lane, We’ll Really Be An Unstoppable Force”

“If We Can Pull Those Fans Into Our Lane, We’ll Really Be An Unstoppable Force”

With their new Murderville book in stores, SOHH recently hit up writing duo Ashley and Jaquavis Coleman about their new Cash Money Content debut.

Asked about signing on the dotted line for Cash Money Records’ publishing company, Jaquavis said he was surprised by how familiar founders Baby and Slim were of their brand.

“It took me by surprise, like, when Baby and Slim came to the table, they knew exactly what we were about,” Jaquavis told SOHH referring to himself and wife, Ashley. “It surprised me. They told us about all of the books that we wrote that they liked and how they followed the genre. That totally threw me off. I would never think guys like them would sit down and read. Those guys, in addition to businessmen, they’re also intellectuals. Just by them following us, it was a big honor. They really knew what they wanted because they were fans of the genre before they even stepped into it. This has been in the works for about a year. We got that big check about a year ago. Oh my goodness. They really live up to the name, Cash Money. Believe that. So we’ll say that. They really live up to the name. Cash. Money.” (SOHH)

Jaquavis’ writing sidekick/wife, Ashley, also shared her input on what she hopes to gain from the Cash Money exposure.

“We’re definitely trying to grow the brand,” Ashley added. “‘Ashley & Jaquavis’ has really been a big name as far as street literature is concerned but if we can pull those hip-hop fans. That’s such a loyal group, loyal fanbase. If we can pull those fans into our lane, we’ll really be an unstoppable force not only in black street literature but with literature in general.” (SOHH)

A few months ago, Cash Money Content author Wahida Clark talked to SOHH about teaming up with the publishing company.

“Cash Money [has] an audience that needs to be put on to Wahida Clark. And of course Wahida Clark has to be put on to their audience as well. I need to get put on to that Cash Money, Young Money clique. Baby and Slim knowing about my background really helped [with the deal]. I knew even before we got together that Baby was a fan of mine, and that was all good.” (SOHH)

In March, Baby discussed Cash Money’s venture into the publishing world.

“I just want to introduce y’all to CMC, our Cash Money Content, which is our book company,” Baby said in an interview. “The first book we put out, [came] out 2/15, which is called Raw Law and it really speaks to the realities of our legal system. I think this is a book you should read especially if you in and out [of jail]. One of my brother’s doing life. One of my partner’s fighting a life charge. One of my brothers just came home from doing 20 years. And that was one of my inspirations on this book. [It’s about] trying to help them get in and out, finding the right legal system to help them get in and out of jail.” (Derick G)

Check out Baby talking about Cash Money Content below:

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