“If MySpace Would Have Hired Me, Their Site Would Have Never Died”

“If MySpace Would Have Hired Me, Their Site Would Have Never Died”

In light of MySpace co-founder Tom Anderson revealing his disinterest in the once-dominant  social networking site, SOHH recently spoke to the site’s former most popular artist Miss Tila, about its decline.

In Tila’s eyes, Myspace could have saved its brand if the marketing team had decided to consult her for ideas.

“I think if MySpace would have been smart, they would have hired me as a consultant then their site would have never died down,” Tila told SOHH. “I know exactly what I’m doing when it comes to those types of things; networking and what the fans and people want. If they would have hired me, MySpace would have still been the biggest site today and dominating over Facebook, over everybody. But hey, too bad. They didn’t want to get me involved so too bad.” (SOHH)

The model-turned-singer’s Myspace fame reached its peak in the mid-2000’s.

Wishing to diversify her portfolio, Tila joined a couple of bands in the L.A. area, and even had a song, “Straight Up,” included on the 2005 MySpace Records debut compilation. Tila’s real fame, however, came in the form of her MySpace personality. Selling her mixture of sex, candor, and seeming accessibility, Tila soon became the most popular figure on MySpace, with, by early 2007, over 1.7 million friends. Her dedication to self-promotion, along with her good looks, paid off. In 2006 she was given a record deal on Will.i.am Music Group (run by the Black Eyed Peas frontman), an A&M imprint. (All Music)

Earlier this month, Tom Anderson explained why he now dislikes MySpace.

“People seem very confused why I’m on Facebook,” he wrote around mid-September. “I’ve had a profile since 2005 and a “fan page” since 2009. FB just created a feature where you can “subscribe” to profiles. They asked me if I wanted to convert my “page” into a simpler profile. Complicated? I suppose. Why am I not on MySpace? Because, I left the company in early 2009, and like most of you, I don’t like using it anymore.. not a fan of what the new folks have done with MySpace.” (Facebook)

Although News Corp. purchased MySpace for $580 million in 2005, the company sold it for a fraction of that amount last June.

MySpace was once the Internet’s equivalent of the hottest nightclub in town. In its heyday, the world’s dominant social network attracted some 3 million bands, 8,000 comedians and countless filmmakers and wannabes who came to see and be seen. Now, MySpace is seemingly no place — a digital castoff that corporate parent News Corp. sold for $35 million in cash and equity to an Orange County digital media firm specializing in online advertising. That’s a fraction of the $580 million that the media giant controlled by Rupert Murdoch paid to acquire the site a scant six years ago, and well shy of its one-time $65-billion valuation. (Los Angeles Times)

Check out a recent Miss Tila interview below:

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