Ice-T’s Son Goes Off On Los Angeles Police: “Go F*ck Yourself Officer”

Ice-T’s Son Goes Off On Los Angeles Police: “Go F*ck Yourself Officer”

Hollywood star Ice-T‘s son has lashed back at Los Angeles police after getting arrested yesterday (October 10) on a $10,000 warrant.

20 year-old Tracy Marrow Jr. hopped on his Twitter page and proceeded to air out local authorities.

“Just Bailed Out of Jail lmao #ThezN*ggasWontHoldMeBack 10k Bail go f*ck yourself officer wait for my complaint u need anger,” he tweeted October 10th.

“#ThezN*ggasWontHoldMeBack lol F*ck dirty cops good thing I can Bail out lol time to File a Complaint on the”

“Lol shhh ill see u in Miami on Saturday #Thezn*ggaswontholdmeback RT @0tmarie: @ICE_Marrow why you stay in trouble son!” (Ice-T’s Twitter)

According to reports, Tracy got busted in Los Angeles yesterday.

The law finally caught up with Ice-T ‘s son. Tracy Marrow Jr. was arrested early Wednesday morning in Los Angeles on an outstanding $10,000 warrant stemming from a previous speeding incident, E! News has confirmed. Per local police, the warrant was discovered after the 20-year-old was pulled over for supposedly blasting music from his vehicle. After officers asked Marrow to turn down the music, he reportedly made some comments to them and turned his music right back up. Officers then detained him, which was when information about the outstanding warrant surfaced. Law-enforcement sources confirm that his previous bust was a traffic incident involving vehicle speed. He was later arrested and booked. (E! Online)

Tracy’s father is most known for getting at cops in the early 1990’s and later takng on the role of a cop on television.

His dad Ice-T came to national fame in 1992, with the anti-police brutality anthem “Cop Killer.” The “Special Victims” star also had a recent vehicular run-in with cops. He was busted in 2009 for allegedly driving with a suspended licensed and no seat belts. But it turned out Ice-T’s license had never been suspended, and prosecutors blamed the incident on a DMV clerical error. The case was dismissed. (New York Post)

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