Ice-T To Serve Iceberg Slim Doc, Says Late Pimp-Turned-Author’s Daughter

Ice-T To Serve Iceberg Slim Doc, Says Late Pimp-Turned-Author’s Daughter

With the recent re-release of late author Iceberg Slim‘s Pimp: The Story of My Life, SOHH hit up the writer’s daughter Misty Beck to get an update on the status of a rumored documentary helmed by Ice-T.

Confirming the documentary’s production status , Misty Beck hinted at an appearance from a well-known comedian in the film.

“Ice-T is working on and actually, I think it’s pretty much almost done [with], a documentary about my father,” Misty told SOHH. “He’s interviewed a lot of people. Chris Rock is in it. Himself, obviously. I can’t recall everyone who is in it. My mother, who passed away a few years ago unfortunately, was also interviewed — I think this is his tribute to him. His manager pretty much set all that up. Right now it’s getting wrapped up.” (SOHH)

In 2008, Ice-T revealed his inspiration for producing an Iceberg Slim biography film.

“It takes you through his whole life,” Ice-T said about the documentary. “Iceberg went through a lot of different thing. He went from pimpin to door-to-door salesmen selling pesticides back to pimpin’. He went to prison a few times. I mean it’s deep with how he deals with his mother. To me the beauty of Iceberg Slim, what I got from him, was he didn’t tell you the A side of the game. He taught you the B side of the game too. And that to me has always been important…So this will be a documentary to show the ups and downs and the back and forth of the game. It’s gonna be incredible.” (All Hip Hop)

Ice is known for paying homage to Slim, as well as crediting the author for motivating his career.

Ice-T, the legendary rapper and actor, is turner his efforts and money to produce a documentary about the life of Iceberg Slim. Ice-T, whose real name is Tracy Lauren Marrow, used Iceberg Slim as the inspiration of his stage name and musical persona. “Iceberg Slim has been one of the most influential people in black culture,” the rapper said. “Few people know the story behind the man and it’s time that story is told.” (Greasy Guide)

Following his passing in 1992, reports later emerged suggesting rapper Ice Cube and Ice-T were also considering a film adaptation of Slim’s life story.

There have been rumors that a film based on Pimp is now in production, with both Ice-T and Ice Cube vying for the leading role. By the way, both “Ices” cite Iceberg Slim as an early inspiration, and paid homage to him by adopting his name. (Pop Subculture)

Check out some past Ice-T footage below:

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