Ice-T To President Obama: “No Weed Before The Next Debate Homie”

Ice-T To President Obama: “No Weed Before The Next Debate Homie”

West Coast rap veteran Ice-T recently had words for President Barack Obama days after coming off a publicized first presidential debate where some speculate Republican nominee Mitt Romney had the edge.

Brief with his words, Ice-T conceded President Obama did not bring his A-game to the televised debate.

“Message to the President: “No weed before the next debate homie….”,” Ice tweeted October 5th.

“”@TarreyTorae:IceT Your Message 2 Our President is Distasteful!Thank God UR not in charge of anything that effects real life!/Whatever bitch,” he tweeted October 7th.

“Ya know..> “@ROSERUNSdaWORLD: @FINALLEVEL lmao some ppl cant take a joke”” (Ice-T’s Twitter)

Fellow rap veteran Rah Digga also acknowledged the president’s underwhelming performance.

“That was the 1st round of 3. And like any good battle you don’t spit ur hottest verse first. Obama did what he was supposed to do IMO,” she tweeted October 4th.

“Can’t wait til the fact checkers weigh in…” (Rah Digga’s Twitter)

Over the weekend, even President Obama admitted he did not steal the first debate.

President Obama on Sunday joked about his performance in last week’s first presidential debate, telling an audience in Los Angeles that included many acting and music industry celebrities that unlike them, he didn’t always “perform flawlessly night after night.” “Everybody here are just incredible professionals. They’re such great friends and they just perform flawlessly night after night. I can’t always say the same,” the president told guests to laughter at a star-studded event at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, according to a White House pool report. (The Hill)

Debate prowess or not, West Coast rapper Snoop Dogg recently vouched his support for President Obama.

Snoop Dogg posted a “Why I’m Not Voting for Romney” list on his Instagram page … which is totally blowing up … and it includes reasons like, “He’s a white n**ga” … and “He’s a ho.” The list — which people are saying was written by someone else — includes: — “He is a white n**ga.” — “He looks like he says ‘n**ga’ all the time” — “He always interrupts and talks over people like he’s better than them. Bitch, I will beat the sh*t out of you.” — “He’s a Mormon but he ain’t got no hoes.” The post also includes the top 10 reasons to vote for Obama … including the fact that Michelle has a “fat ass.” (TMZ)

Check out President Obama addressing his debate performance below:

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