Ice Cube Rips Dwight ‘Coward’ At Live Concert: “We Don’t Need No Punk A** Motherf**kers On Our Team” [Video]

Ice Cube Rips Dwight ‘Coward’ At Live Concert: “We Don’t Need No Punk A** Motherf**kers On Our Team” [Video]

West Coast rap veteran Ice Cube is not letting the recent Los Angeles Lakers loss of Dwight Howard to the Houston Rockets bring him down and, instead, ripped the NBA All-Star at a live concert this week.

Cube spoke to a packed house of fans and downplayed the value of D-12.

“F*ck Dwight Howard,” Cube screamed at his ‘Kings of the Mic Tour’ show. “We don’t need no punk a** motherf*ckers on our team. We don’t give a f*ck about a Dwight Coward. We don’t need no b*tches on our team. He don’t deserve to go up on that wall. So, I predict, tonight, Kobe will win another championship before Dwight ever sniffs one.” (99 Point 1 Percent)

Fellow West Coast rapper Game said angry fans should cut up their Howard Lakers jerseys.

“You know what you do? I’ll tell you what you do. You cut it in half — cut it, you don’t need to burn it. You might burn your house on fire, and we don’t want your neighbors thinking you’re an arsonist or nothing like that. You cut it in half. Then what you tell people that ask ‘What is that,’ well you say ‘I have not one, but I have two Dwight Howard jerseys’ because his number is 12. One. Two. You wish him farewell. The Lakers have been all right before Dwight, we’re going to be all right after.” (TMZ)

After catching some high-profile attention, Lakers veteran Kobe Bryant defended his decision to unfollow Howard on Twitter.

“I wish d12 the best honestly. I just find it hard to follow players that wanna kick my teams ass #thatsjustme,” Bryant tweeted July 8. (USA Today)

Last week, D-12 cited his chances of winning a championship in Houston for motivating him to leave an additional $30 million Lakers offer.

“[A championship is] the priority. That’s the priority. [Shoot], I’m betting $30 million on it,” Howard told in a phone interview Friday night, referencing the amount of money he likely will leave on the table by bolting Los Angeles for Houston. “I just looked at both teams and I felt like Houston was going in one direction — they got a lot of young players, they got a good coach in Kevin McHale and I just felt like having him as a coach, he could really help me in the post and help me develop like I want to. That was mainly the big reason right there, and having the opportunity to grow with a team, a young team, like the Rockets. That’s the reason why [I decided to leave].” (ESPN)

Check out Ice Cube’s rant:

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