Ice Cube Reacts To Oakland Raiders Owner’s Death

Ice Cube Reacts To Oakland Raiders Owner’s Death

West Coast rapper Ice Cube has shared his thoughts on the weekend’s news surounding the unexpected passing of NFL football team The Oakland Raiders’ owner Al Davis.

Cube credited the renowned professional team’s swag for inspiring society, especially in the hip-hop community.

“The Raiders were a rowdy bunch way before NWA,” rapper and former member Ice Cube said this morning in a phone interview with the NFL Network. “You know, what they showed to us was that you can be yourself and you can still win. You don’t have to conform always to the mainstream or to the status quo. You can come out be yourself, own it and you can win.” (SB Nation)

The West Coast rap veteran also reflected on his ex-crew N.W.A.‘s love for Raiders merchandise.

“I’m pretty sure his bank account loved it,” Cube said with a laugh. “We were great fans and we wore the logo well and the Raiders were winning on the field, and (it was) a beautiful thing. I think to this day we all benefitted a lot off of each other when it comes to that Raiders’ image.” (SB Nation)

Last year, Cube reflected on getting his former crew into Raiders gear.

“N.W.A. was actually an all-star group — we all had our own style, because we had come from different groups to create N.W.A. So we felt that we needed to look like we belonged together. This was an age of troop suits and uniforms. Run-DMC were in black and leather. We decided we’re not dressing alike but we’ll at least wear the same color. So we picked black as our color. I’d show up in my Raider gear. Next thing you know, other people start buying Raider gear. It’s just a thing where you looked right, it felt right. It had the same image we had.” (New York Times)

Davis passed away over the weekend but cause of death details are still unknown.

Al Davis was a rebel with a cause – “Just win, baby” he exhorted his beloved Oakland Raiders. And as the NFL well knows, he was also a rebel with a subpoena. Davis, who bucked league authority time and again and won three Super Bowl titles during his half-century in professional football, died Saturday. He was 82. The Hall of Famer died at his home in Oakland, the team said. The cause of death was not immediately disclosed. (Forbes)

Check out Ice Cube’s “Raider Nation” anthem below:

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