Ice Cube On Possibility Of “Friday” Sequel, “I Don’t Want To Do It Without Chris Tucker”

Ice Cube On Possibility Of “Friday” Sequel, “I Don’t Want To Do It Without Chris Tucker”

Actor/Rapper Ice Cube recently talked about the status of his Friday movie franchise and the possibility of a sequel.

Cube said he would only consider rolling the cameras once again if his original co-star Chris Tucker would be involved.

“I want to. But I don’t want to do it without Chris Tucker,” he revealed in an interview. “That’s what people want. I really want to give people what they want, especially doing it for a fourth time. We can’t just go through a movie without giving the people exactly what they want. I’ve been trying to convince Chris to do it. Just say ‘yeah,’ it’s alright…I see Smokey working at a rehab center. [laughs] Craig and Day-Day are probably selling weed by now, get busted, have to go rehab with Smokey, try to convince Smokey to smoke a joint. [laughs] That’d be pretty cool.” (Inside Movies)

Since the original came out in 1995, Friday has spawned multiple sequels.

The film has spawned two sequels, Next Friday and Friday After Next. The sequels were successful at the box office but a failure with critics. Another sequel, tentatively titled Last Friday, was rumored to be in the works in 2007. The film was to star all of the original cast from the previous Friday films. However, no news on production was ever confirmed. An animated television series based on the film was premiered on MTV2, on Sunday, June 24, 2007. (Wikipedia)

Cube will be starring in a new police film later this year.

Ice Cube has joined Woody Harrelson and Ben Foster to star in Oren Moverman‘s police drama “Rampart,” centered on the scandal at the LAPD’s division in the 1990s. Project reunites Harrelson and Foster with Moverman, who directed them in “The Messenger,” his helming debut. “Rampart,” based on James Ellroy‘s screenplay, has been developed at Light stream Pictures and set up with “The Messenger” producer Lawrence Inglee and Clark Peterson (“Monster”). (Variety)

He will also release his I Am The West solo album later this year.

“I AM THE WEST…is the name of my new record. After completing about 65% of my music, this is the perfect title. This sh*t is cocky, no apologies, West Coast gangsta sh*t. I can’t help it. That’s what I do. June seems too tight for a release, but July is very doable. We’ll see how things go. Now that I have my title, I can work on the concept of my photoshoot and artwork. I want to provide…” (Ice Cube’s Blog)

Check out a portion of Friday down below:

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