Ice Cube Clarifies Dissing Dr. Dre On New LP

Ice Cube Clarifies Dissing Dr. Dre On New LP

West Coast rap legend Ice Cube has cleared up references he makes toward artists like Dr. Dre on his upcoming I Am the West LP, promising that they weren’t to be mistaken for disses.

According to Cube, he did not reference artists in a negative manner on his new project.

“To me, it’s styling and finesse, that’s where I come from,” Cube said in an interview. “It’s a lot of MCs out there, it’s not dissing [them]. I guess when you mention these MCs that’s at the top of the game and you mention yourself in there, you letting [people] know you on top of your game too. It’s on that tip. It’s just fresh, fly-a** lines. I couldn’t let them go once I thought of them; I had to write them down. But it’s not dissing.” (MTV)

Last spring, Cube also mentioned Dre questioning whether or not he was being dissed on the rapper’s “Drink The Kool-Aid” record.

“He asked me did I diss him during the Paid Dues Show last Saturday. I did one of my new songs called “Drink The Kool-Aid” which got everybody thinking I’m dissing the whole industry…lol “You internet roaches…” I told Dre that I’d never diss the man that got me started. Here are the lyric to Drink The Kool-Aid for everybody who understand style and grace in hip-hop…check the lyrics…No disses. Just style and grace.” (Ice Cube’s Blog)

On “Drink The Kool-Aid,” Cube specifically references Dre’s doctor moniker and Eminem‘s recent battle with drug addction.

“I ain’t the doctor/ This ain’t the patient/ This ain’t that n—a always on vacation/ This ain’t no white boy’s rehabilitation/ This is crazier then a boatful of Haitians.” (“Drink The Kool-Aid”)

A tracklisting for the album landed online last month.

1. A Boy Was Conceived 2. Soul On Ice 3. Life In California Ft. Jayo & WC 4. She Couldnt Make It On Her Own Ft. OMG & Doughboy 5. Urbanian 6. Y’all Know How I Am Ft. OMG, WC, Doughboy & Maylay 7. Too West Coast Ft. WC & Maylay 8. I Rep That West 9. Drink The Kool-Aid 10. No Country For Young Men 11. It Is What It Is 12. Hood Robbin 13. Your Money Or Your Life 14. Nothin’ Like L.A. 15. All Day, Everyday 16. Fat Cat (Rap Radar)

I Am The West hits stores Tuesday, September 28th.

Check out some recent Ice Cube footage below:

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