Ice Cube Addresses Questionable “Kool-Aid” Song, “No Disses, Just Style & Grace”

Ice Cube Addresses Questionable “Kool-Aid” Song, “No Disses, Just Style & Grace”

West Coast rap veteran Ice Cube has denied that his “Don’t Drink The Kool-Aid” song was a subliminal diss directed at  Dr. Dre, Kanye West, Eminem and more.

Although he claims no one was being dissed, Cube said Dre personally approached him about a reference on the track.

“He asked me did I diss him during the Paid Dues Show last Saturday. I did one of my new songs called “Drink The Kool-Aid” which got everybody thinking I’m dissing the whole industry…lol “You internet roaches…” I told Dre that I’d never diss the man that got me started. Here are the lyric to Drink The Kool-Aid for everybody who understand style and grace in hip-hop…check the lyrics…No disses. Just style and grace.” (Ice Cube’s Blog)

Cube’s wordplay initially caught the media’s attention and sparked speculation.

A rap beef nobody wants to see again: Ice Cube vs. Dr. Dre. It was exciting in the AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted and N—az4Life days, but the two legends are going at it again? That’s what some fans thought when footage of Ice Cube performing at the Paid Dues Tour hit cyberspace a few days ago. Cube rapped the lines, “I ain’t the doctor/ This ain’t the patient/ This ain’t that n—a always on vacation/ This ain’t no white boy’s rehabilitation/ This is crazier then a boatful of Haitians. (MTV)

Currently working on a new album called I Am The West, Cube recently said he would reach out to Dre for production.

“They can’t f*ck wit me lyrically or physically. They all talks sh*t from a distance cause they know, I may do comedies but I ain’t no joke…Now, I wanna answer a few questions you have for ya’ boy… Beats by Dre? Not yet. Haven’t asked him, but I will. Any collabos? Not yet.” (Ice Cube’s Blog)

His upcoming solo effort will be his latest since 2008’s Raw Footage.

Three years later he revived his barely used Lench Mobb label for his solo comeback album, Laugh Now, Cry Later. In the Movies, a compilation of soundtrack cuts, was put together for a 2007 release. A year later he returned with Raw Footage, an album filled with Cube’s observations on politics along with the single “I Got My Locs On” featuring special guest Young Jeezy. (All Music)

Check out Ice Cube performing “Don’t Drink The Kool-Aid” below:

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