“I Wouldn’t Say [Lil Wayne’s] ‘6’7′ Is Better Than ‘A Milli'”

“I Wouldn’t Say [Lil Wayne’s] ‘6’7′ Is Better Than ‘A Milli'”

Producer Bangladesh has weighed in on the buzzing talks on whether his new “6’7″ Lil Wayne Carter IV single is better than 2008’s “A Milli” anthem.

The proud producer of both monster smashes, Bang said his Carter III hit outweighs Weezy’s latest effort.

“I wouldn’t say [‘6 Foot 7 Foot”] is better than ‘A Milli’ because ‘A Milli’ did so much to hip-hop. When he first did ‘A Milli,’ I didn’t see the vision. So, off the rip it gave my opinion about it not being what I thought it should be because of his approach. And I’m correct because he said in an interview, he didn’t even feel like it was a single. He just felt like it was like something to go in and rip, some mixtape sh*t. But it ended up being much more than I expected and much better because it didn’t have the typical elements of a song that you usually need to make a hit. I did my part, he did his. It all came together and it worked. I think because he seen what ‘A Milli’ did, it prepared him more for this so I could tell his writing was different.” (Complex)

Although partial to “A Milli,” Bang said Wayne still did the instrumental justice.

“The overall wittiness is everything I was saying about ‘A Milli’ when it came to be,” the producer explained. “He freestyled ‘A Milli’, and before it was big and we knew what it was gonna do, we all had our opinions of it. A lot of people loved it, but me being the creator of the art, I didn’t see the vision that he had. I think he attacked it as a mixtape. And that was the genius of what he did and it became the biggest thing. The way he approached this one, was everything that I wanted him to do on ‘A Milli’. I think he’s really focusing on every line. It’s like he’s writing. It’s different. It’s a whole ‘nother level of cleverness to it.” (MTV)

This week, Bang admitted Wayne’s track was originally made for T.I.

“Due to the situation and the circumstances of the Cash Money situation, I really wasn’t thinking about Wayne at that moment when I made it,” Bang revealed in an interview. “I just knew that the beat was a big track and I couldn’t at the time think of nobody that could swag this out like that or was worthy enough of this beat really…I was actually sending the beat to [Atlantic Recordsexecutive] Gee [Robertson] for T.I. I mean, not that I think T.I. would sound good on the beat, they were just looking for a single and somebody said, ‘Man, send that to Gee, T.I. need something.'” (BET)

Prior to its release, Wayne associate DJ Scoob Doo recently described the hard-hitting track as a 2010 version of “A Milli.”

Lil Wayne is out of jail, and as we predicted, it didn’t take long for him to get back into the studio. Lil Wayne said he’d be chock full of material following his visit to Rikers Island, and he’s delivering already. Less than two weeks after Lil Wayne’s release, the rapper was back in the studio, and delivered a track that DJ Scoob Doo called “A 2010 Version Of A Milli..But On Steroids.” (Bloginity)

Check out the lyrics to “6’7″ below:

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