“I Wanted To Make Music That Would Be The Soundtrack To A Sex Tape”

“I Wanted To Make Music That Would Be The Soundtrack To A Sex Tape”

With the release of his Sextape Chronicles Part 2 mixtape, singer/songwriter Verse Simmonds tells SOHH how he whipped up his latest offering.

Simmonds said his ultimate goal was to make an actual soundtrack to lovemaking.

I think for the most part, people don’t really know what to expect from me as an artist. But now people are listening to “Boo Thang” and starting to say, “Yo, I really love that record.” So I really wanted to put out a complete project that would really give people a real understanding of what I’m bringing to the music industry and so I’m really excited about this. This is going to sound crazy but the concept came from me. I kind of wanted to make music that would be the soundtrack to a sex tape. Like, watching things that are sexy on TV and so I came up with this idea. I was able to put this music together and put it all into what I am as an artist and it came out to be something that people are really going to listen to and be thrown off by.” (SOHH)

The singer also revealed a few of his personal favorite tracks from the project.

There’s a lot of tracks on here that I had a really good time putting together. Of course “Boo Thang” is the record with Kelly Rowland. It’s my single right now. I have a record on there called “Love No Glove”. I really, really love that one. “Tears of Joy” is a really close one. If I could name one more, it would probably be ‘Miss Johnson’.” (SOHH)

Hosted by radio personality Angela Yee, Simmonds’ new project features guest spots from Kelly Rowland and Young Swift.

01. Verse Simmonds – Intro (0:28) 02. Verse Simmonds – Interlude (0:37) 03. Verse Simmonds – Protection (With Words By Kenny Burns) [Prod. By Sak Pase] (3:11) 04. Verse Simmonds – Tears Of Joy [Prod. By Sak Pase] (3:10) 05. Verse Simmonds – Lip Service With Angela Yee Part 1 (0:18) 06. Verse Simmonds – Love No Glove [Prod. By Mel & Mus] (5:01) 07. Verse Simmonds – Strip Tease (Feat. Young Swift) [Prod. By Mel & Mus] (3:25) 08. Verse Simmonds – Interlude (0:37) 09. Verse Simmonds – Boo Thang (Feat. Kelly Rowland) [Prod. By Sak Pase] (4:25) 10. Verse Simmonds – Miss Johnson (Feat. Bu) [Prod. By Reign] (3:26) 11. Verse Simmonds – Lip Service With Angela Yee Part 2 (0:52) 12. Verse Simmonds – I Wanna See You [Prod. By Sak Pase] (3:05) 13. Verse Simmonds – One Last Time With Angela Yee Outro (3:58) (Mixtape Wire)

The singer recently talked to SOHH about linking up with Rowland for their “Boo Thang” duet.

“Kelly’s a real cool girl, I met her one time,” Verse Simmonds told SOHH. “I wasn’t in the studio when she recorded her version to my song ‘Boo Thang’. But I met her shortly before that and what ended up happening was she heard the ‘Boo Thang’ record and really, really loved it. She wanted to get on it — I definitely think she’s slept on and a lot of us should be paying more attention to her. Her ‘Motivation’ record has opened up a lot of eyes too but I think there’s no limit to how far she can go.” (SOHH)

To download the new mixtape, just click here.

Check out the project below:

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