“I Want To Work For Diddy” Winners React, “We’re New People!”

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Last night on VH1‘s “I Want To Work for Diddy,” Mr. Combs’ season long search for an assistant came to an end as the head of the Bad Boy empire offered two candidates the jobs of their dreams.In this SOHH exclusive we talk to the winners about the highs and lows of the job.

At the end of 10 grueling mental and physical challenges, only two candidates were left standing, Suzanne and Mike Barber. In the end, Diddy picked Suzanne, the New York native with a Harvard MBA, to be his assistant. She joined the mogul on a private jet leaving Mike on the tarmac.

Then in one final twist, Diddy stopped the plane and extended a job offer to the other finalist, Mike.

Both Suzanne and Mike agree that they encountered some crazy experiences while vying for the job of Diddy’s assistant.

“I worked with ‘Poprah,'” Suzanne said. “I flew to and spent four hours there and I washed Diddy’s rims at four in the morning in a dress and heels. Those are the ones that stick out,”

Though they were asked to do the impossible Mike says that his desire for the gig never wavered.

“Halfway through it made me want the job more,” he told SOHH. “It brought out something that I didn’t know I had and that’s what Mr. Combs is known for so I’m just happy to be put in that position. I’m blessed.”

Suzanne does admit to having second thoughts but she agrees that being in Diddy’s presence was inspiration enough to keep pushing.

“It’s just seeing Diddy, how he does his business how he finds talent and cultivates talent you just want to be a part of that no matter how tired and hungry you are,” said Suzanne who lost ten pounds during the course of the show.

“If I could say that one thing changed I learned how to handle slept deprivation.I don’t sleep now,” Mike admitted. “I realize that every moment is a dollar being missed so I try to hold on to every moment.”

“We’re new people!” Mike continued. “When you work for a man like Mr. Combs he has something that you want and you see what he does so you have to do the same thing.”

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