“I Want To Produce A Country Album For A Country Singer”

“I Want To Produce A Country Album For A Country Singer”

Atlanta rapper B.o.B. has revealed an interest in embracing some Southern roots in the near future by producing a country album.

Although known for his urban and pop hits, Bobby Ray is willing to give himself a new challenge.

“I want to produce a country album for a country singer,” B.o.B. explained in an interview. “I feel like country music has a certain kind of pocket. It all sonically [comes together]. Are you ready to get satisfied sonically? And then I want to do an album that is completely meditation music — It’s going to be like a little project. It won’t just be for people who like to sleep to it, meditate or are into yoga. It’ll be like even if you weren’t into all that, you’ll be listening to it and thinking: ‘Man this is dope, yeah!'” (Today Online)

Last year, R&B hitmaker T-Pain revealed an interest to collaborate with country star Carrie Underwood.

“It’s fun to work with [rocker] Slash,” T-Pain said in an interview, “but kind of embarrassing because no one knows who I am. But, I think it’s cool as f*ck. Next person I want to work with, and I won’t work with anyone else until I get her, is Carrie Underwood. Everyone else can suck it until I get to Carrie.” (The Boom Box)

While urban artists may be getting drawn to the country genre, singer Taylor Swift recently displayed her passion for hip-hop.

Taylor Swift pulled into Philadelphia last night for the latest stop on her “Speak Now” tour, surprising fans with another cover song. The country crooner performed an acoustic version of TLC’s 1999 hit “Unpretty,” which was released when she was just 10 years old. In addition, she took on hometown hero Pink’s “Who Knew” while strumming the guitar. During previous shows, the 21-year-old singer has covered Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” and Pras, Mya, and ODB’s hip-hop classic “Ghetto Supastar,” calling it her “seventh grade anthem.” (Rap-Up)

In May, B.o.B. discussed plans to make a follow-up to last year’s Adventures of Bobby Ray debut.

“I feel like I’m about halfway through it, and I wouldn’t even say because of how many songs I have,” said B.o.B in an interview. “It’s kinda like as an artist you absorb, it’s like a sponge, you absorb it and then you gotta give it back out. I still feel like I got more to put out. I got more to say. So I can record songs all day, but until I get everything out that I want to say, that’s pretty much what the wait is…I feel like it’s all about timing — It’s the right timing and I haven’t revealed the name of the album yet, but I’ve been working on this since before The Adventures of Bobby Ray, so it’s a real special project.” (MTV)

Check out a past B.o.B. interview down below:

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