“I Want The Labels To Stop Making Jay-Z Clones & To Make Eminem Clones”

“I Want The Labels To Stop Making Jay-Z Clones & To Make Eminem Clones”

Midwest rap veteran Tech N9ne recently shared his input on the state of hip-hop and what changes, if any, he would make if given the opportunity.

Rather than wishing away major labels, Tech said he would have record companies stop looking at successful blueprints and start supporting new ideas again.

“I would change the major labels’ tendency to try and clone successful acts. We need people who are visionaries and take chances, like Def Jam took chances. I want the labels to stop trying to make Jay-Z clones and to make Eminem clones. I want them to break some new artists.” (Prefix Mag)

The rapper also dished out some advice for artists on the come-up.

“If you feel it, deep in your heart– and everybody swears they can rap or do music or sing, and they can’t– you still might not have what it takes. When I listen to demos or mixtapes, I realize that these guys may not have a lot of money and probably could sound a lot better, but I can hear talent. A lot of people, even some of those getting put out now that say they can rap, can’t even stay on beat. You can’t be the only one who thinks you’re dope.” (Prefix Mag)

Recently, Coalmine Records CEO Matt Diamond gave SOHH his insight on major record labels’ internal inefficiencies.

“I do not like what Def Jam’s doing with their real hip-hop artists. They’re just throwing them out fourth quarter as these tax write-offs. They’re doing it to people who help them build the label likeRedman and they let all these albums flop like write-offs. I feel the projects where they have the most autonomy to do whatever they want and just turn in their album or the projects that are least pushed is becoming a problem. They want the artiston the label, they know they can’t A&R them because if you have somebody like Redman, they know you can’t go to him and say you need “this” kind of record. So they let them stay on the label for publicity purposes, the artists turn in whatever they’ve done and then they don’t go in as much as they should to promote it. They treat it as more of a tax write-off.” (SOHH Guest Star)

Tech’s latest solo album, All 6’s & 7’s, is reportedly en route to debut on this week’s sales chart.

So while Lady Gaga and Adele duke it out on top, look for Strange Music’s Tech N9ne to have the top debut for Ron Spaulding‘s Fontana with the Kansas City rapper’s best first week ever of between 50-55k for his latest album, All 6’s and 7’s. (Hits Daily Double)

Check out a recent Tech N9ne interview below:

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