“I Thought I Had To Jump, I Was So Sick & Michael Jackson Had Just Passed” [Video]

“I Thought I Had To Jump, I Was So Sick & Michael Jackson Had Just Passed” [Video]

Rap veteran Redman recently divulged on one of the worst tribulations he experienced following the June 2009 passing of iconic singer Michael Jackson.

According to Red, his ordeal took place overseas days after Jackson’s unexpected death.

“Let me see, what was the worst experience of my life?,” Red said in an interview. “It was like three days, maybe four days after Michael Jackson had passed. I was way out in South America somewhere. 17 hour plane flight type of sh*t. And I got over there and ate some chicken and I got sick as a dog. You understand what I’m talking about? So I got so sick, I know I have such a sensitive stomach that when I eat, and something’s not good — it just goes through my body, gives me headaches, gets me delirious.” (VEVO)

Continuing his story, Red said he eventually sought medical assistance.

“I ran in the hallway in my underwear,” Red added. “I was losing my mind. I was hanging out the window. I thought I had to jump because I was so sick and Michael had just passed four days ago, so I was just delirious from that — It was so bad. I had to have the doctors come into my room, into my hotel room and they hooked me up to an IV and I had to sleep for like three hours — I was away 17 hours from home…I consider that one of the worst experiences of my life.” (VEVO)

Outside of traveling down memory lane, Red recently killed the notion of album sales dictating an artist’s worth.

“You gotta understand, we’re doing a movement,” Red said in an interview. “It’s not just about record sales. F*ck how many motherf*ckers got the biggest sales and all that. That don’t mean sh*t. Motherf*ckers be having high a** sales but not respected in the street, not respected for the culture. It’s not about sales no more, it’s about a movement. Who’s gonna follow that movement? Red and Meth are the smoking movement. Any time we drop an album, y’all should be at the f*cking store, whether you like it or not and buy the f*cking album. December 7th, Reggie.” (Best of Both Offices)

Red’s latest solo album, Reggie, debuted on the sales chart around mid-December.

Rap veteran Redman’s Reggie debuted on the chart this week at No. 118. With seven days under his belt, Red’s new album has shelled out 10,600 records to date. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Check out Redman’s interview below:

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