“I Think The Hip-Hop Crowd Really Celebrates Healthy Looking Women I Find Naturally Organic & Raw”

“I Think The Hip-Hop Crowd Really Celebrates Healthy Looking Women I Find Naturally Organic & Raw”

With hip-hop’s fascination with women’s backsides ranging from Amber Rose to Nicki Minaj, SOHH reached out to Culo photographer Raphael Mazzucco for his take on the butt craze.

Taking the artistic angle, Mazzucco feels hip-hop has always appreciated a woman’s well-rounded body shape rather than only focusing on their bosoms.

“I managed to meet a lot of great people and over the last few years, I’ve been educated in such a way [on women’s backsides] that I’m educated with almost a Harvard degree, [laughs], if that makes any sense. It’s just like when you thought you’ve saw [all there is], you realize there’s something even greater and bigger, and I think that’s what makes [Culo] so fun. Every woman is so unique in their own way,” Mazzucco told SOHH referring to America’s fascination with women’s backsides. “I think the hip-hop crowd really celebrates healthy looking women which I find naturally organic and raw. It’s really suited to my style. When you put the two degrees together, I think it makes something very beautiful and it’s wonderful.” (SOHH)

Last month, Mazzucco talked about his emphasis on making his coffee table Culo book based on rumps.

“The whole reason this book started was because Will.I.Am from the Black Eyed Peas, asked Jimmy Iovine for a million dollars to do a video in Brazil. He gave him the money, and Will came back with this video, with girls and their butts. Jimmy, when he saw that, he thought, I want to do a coffee table book like that! The whole inspiration started with the video and Jimmy’s idea. Jimmy’s from Brooklyn, so he went to his old neighborhood and talked to an old friend. He was telling the friend about the book he was working on with me and his friend said, “Oh you’re doing a culo book!” And thats how the title came up. And we just ran with it.” (VMan)

Nicki Minaj recently discussed fans’ infatuations with her booty.

“I don’t mind the question, I don’t mind the fascination. It’s all good,” she said. “I’ve said this before. It doesn’t define me, so I try my best not to focus my energy on it. Like if you guys focus energy on it, I don’t mind it. if people are sitting in a barbershop talking about my butt, it’s conversational. That’s what people are going to do. As long as they’re talking about Nicki Minaj, it’s good.” (“Full Throttle”)

In November, Amber Rose gave her post-reaction to losing a butt comparison contest to reality star Kim Kardashian.

“I appreciate [XXL doing that]. When [Hot 97 radio host Peter Rosenberg] asked me that, I said, ‘Yeah, I have a bigger booty than her,’ but I didn’t think it would be everywhere. It was everywhere! It turned out to be a big deal. Congrats Kim! [Laughs]. She’s way more famous than me, she has way more followers and she’s been out a much longer time than me. It’s only right. I’ll win next time. [laughs]” (XXL Mag)

Raphael Mazzucco’s new Culo book is currently available for purchase.

Check out Raphael Mazzucco discussing his new book below:

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