“I Think One Of My Biggest Inspirations Was Tupac Shakur”

“I Think One Of My Biggest Inspirations Was Tupac Shakur”

Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy recently opened up on his top musical influences and said the late Tupac Shakur had the biggest impact on his life.

Along with Pac, Jeezy credited fellow Southern acts like UGK and 8Ball & MJG for inspiring him.

“Definitely UGK, 8Ball, MJG. I think one of my biggest inspirations was Tupac Shakur. He didn’t give a f*ck and believed in what he believed in. I’m like that at times. I’m in my own world. I could give a f*ck about what anybody else has going on. I’m gonna make sure mine is straight. Every day I get up, I could care less about what’s going on the world as far as the world. I care about what’s going on in my world. I think that’s how he was. He was just like ‘F*ck it! This is my movement and I don’t care about nothing else. I live and I die for this sh*t’ and that’s how I feel. I’ll live and I’ll die for this sh*t. Tomorrow is cool. Let’s do it. I’m cool with that.” (Global Grind)

Last year, Grammy-winning rap star Jay-Z also named Pac as one of his personal favorite emcees of all-time.

“I guess I would choose B.I.G. [as one of my favorites] because of his ability to tell stories to be humorous, to be dead serious, he just had it all,” Jay said. “Just [B.I.G.’s] voice alone. I would choose Pac because his fire will overcome, what he doesn’t have in technical skills will be overcome by passion. If you listen to that ‘Tunnel’ [freestyle] verse where B.I.G. is saying ‘MC Hammer and them 357 women’ and then you hear how [Pac] comes on, he just screams on the track, his passion could put a lot of guys to sleep. I guess Kool G Rap and KRS-One would be on there…” (YouTube)

In summer 2010, Pac’s 1990’s song “Dear Mama” was announced for induction into the Library of Congress.

The rapper’s 1994 song “Dear Mama,” about a mother struggling with poverty and addiction, was selected for the 2009 National Recording Registry for its cultural significance, alongside works by Willie Nelson, Little Richard, Patti Smith and R.E.M.. Tupac is the third rapper to be included, following Grandmaster Flashand Public Enemy. (Washington Post)

A biopic on the late music mogul is currently in the works.

Now a biopic is in the works about the rapper’s life and John Singleton, who was rumored to direct a film about N.W.A.‘s career last month, is now slated to direct the film. Singleton takes over for Antoine Fuqua, who left the project to work on Hunter Killer. The move makes sense considering Singleton directed Tupac in 1993’s Poetic Justice. No start date for production has been announced. (Paste Magazine)

Check out some recent Young Jeezy footage below:

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