“I Made This Beat For Kanye West, Thinking, ‘Man I’m Gonna Get On The MBDTF Album’

“I Made This Beat For Kanye West, Thinking, ‘Man I’m Gonna Get On The MBDTF Album’

As hip-hop phenom Kanye West continues to rack up accolades for his lyrics and production, Kidz In The Hall rapper Double-O spoke to SOHH about creating a beat for the Chi-town spitter that was never used.

Double-O revealed that the beat, now known as the duo’s single, “Star”, was originally submitted for a hopeful spot on the Grammy-nominated My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

“It’s funny because our records all have these weird a** stories, so I’m just gonna tell this one ’cause it’s funny: I made this beat for Kanye, thinking, “Man I’m gonna get on the Twisted Fantasy album. We were on tour with 88 Keys and I knew ‘Ye was recording. So, I started making a bunch of records.” (SOHH)

O also went on to say that he knew early on that getting his beats to Yeezy would be no easy task.

“You have people that know other people in the industry who can possibly get your music to them, but you never actually know if your record gets played by the person it’s intended for at any point. So I made a bunch of stuff and I remember e-mailing it and Naledge was recording some other stuff and heard what I was doing and was like, “F*ck it — these beats are dope.” and stole ‘em [laughs]. So I was like, “Man if ‘Ye never gets on these beats, I already got songs to ‘em.” (SOHH)

Earlier this year, Roscoe Dash gave his opinion on Kanye West receiving a staggering seven Grammy nominations for his 2010 album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

“When people ask me who is my favorite person that I’ve worked with I always say Kanye. Ye is so, so creative … he always maintains such a high level of creativity and energy going whenever you’re in the room with him. I admire that about him … I learned so much about him in such a short amount of time, its ridiculous. He’s really down to Earth. He’ll ask you, “Yo — what do you think about this?” Then he figures out the best way to troubleshoot and make the song the best that it can be. He’s never been afraid to step into other lanes and add a little depth to his music. He takes his music and just does this crazy stuff to it to make it poppin’ and really have it appeal to everybody.”(SOHH)

Last month, G.O.O.D. Music artist Big Sean told SOHH Mr. West was responsible for forging a connection between himself and Nicki Minaj, who not only appears on MBDTF but is nominated for a ‘Best New Artist’ Grammy this year.

“Me and Nicki have had a relationship for a while as friends. I’ve known her since we were working on Kanye West’s album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasty. We were all out in Hawaii kickin’ it and from there we’ve always been cool. The “A$$” song had already been getting alot of play before it was even a single, so the label asked me if I wanted to do anything special for the radio version. I was thinking about adding another verse, but then I realized that wouldn’t be that special, so I started thinking about putting someone else on it. That’s when I thought about Nicki.(SOHH)

Kanye leads this year’s Grammy family with a total of 7 nominations, the second year in a row a rap artist has been at the forefront for the highly coveted award.

Adele is up for six Grammys including song and record of the year, for Rolling in the Deep, and best album, for 21. Rapper Kanye West leads the field with seven, while Bruno Mars and the Foo Fighters also have six each. Mars, also up for best song, record and album, said; “It feels incredible.” British band Radiohead are up for five awards including best rock performance and song for Lotus Flower. Winners will be announced on February 12th. (BBC UK)

Check out “Star” below:

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