“I Love Adele, I Love Her So Much. I Know She’s My Age, I Would Even Date Her”

“I Love Adele, I Love Her So Much. I Know She’s My Age, I Would Even Date Her”

G.O.O.D. Music’s Big Sean is hoping to take his music resume to the next level by revealing an interest to cross the ocean to collaborate with British singer Adele.

Along with collaborating, Sean also detailed his interest in a one-on-one date with the soul crooner.

Speaking about the ‘Rolling In The Deep’ star, Sean told Punchbowl: “I’d really like to work with Adele. She never compromises her sound for anything. She reminds me of Motown and it’s straight number one. Her voice is unmatched and it’s the sort of music people sample – the best ever.” Adding: “I love Adele, I love her so much. I know she’s my age, I would even date her.” (Pop Dash)

In July, Adele’s sophomore album 21 broke digital sales records.

For the moment, English songbird Adele can claim a victory over Eminem although the pair is not at odds with one another. The soulful singer has surpassed the Detroit bad boy with the most digital sales of her sophomore effort 21 – passing Slim Shady’s Recovery album and giving her the top nod. Adele also has the top spot with physical copies of her latest selling over 2.6 million. (Rapfix)

Earlier this year, Sean told SOHH if he could take any woman on a Valentine’s Day date, it would be Young Money’s Nicki Minaj.

“For Valentine’s Day, I would want to go with Nicki Minaj to my house,” Sean admitted. “I would make dinner. I know how to cook. I cook almost every day. Yeah man, I love cooking. That’s actually one of my passions. I think I’m gonna start a cooking show one of these days. My favorite is pasta. I love making spaghettis and macaroni. So I’d probably do something like that with some asparagus. Something on the side, maybe some chicken. Some weed brownies at the end.” (SOHH)

Aside from future music aspirations, Big Sean addressed criminal reports claiming he was arrested on a sexual assault charge.

“Man, sh*t, that was just some little minor sh*t,” Sean explained in an interview with radio host Tim Westwood. “I really want to talk about it too and go through the details but my lawyer says I can’t talk about it until it’s all said and done. But I’ll be happy to. I’ll let you know. I’ll make sure to give you the exclusive when it’s all said and done in a couple weeks.” (Tim Westwood TV)

Check out Big Sean in London below:

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