“I Knew He Was A Spitter. That’s What Kool G Rap Has Always Been. I’m A Spitter”

“I Knew He Was A Spitter. That’s What Kool G Rap Has Always Been. I’m A Spitter”

[After recently teaming up with hardcore rapper Necro for their collective Once Upon A Crime album, hip-hop legend Kool G Rap speaks to SOHH readers about the fellow New Yorker’s emcee credentials.]

First off, me and Necro hooked up together. People from his side and my side reached out and were letting me and him actually sit down and talk about doing a project while we were in a restaurant-type of setting.

I was already with Necro at that point. It made sense. I used to always see the comparisons with either me and him in comments sections like YouTube. I would always see the comments come up in the years prior to us sitting down and so I was already familiar with Necro. So when we talked about doing the project, it made sense. I knew what kind of artist he was.

I knew it was some raw, straight up music. He is what we would define as “spitters.” I knew Necro was a spitter. That’s what G Rap has always been. I’m a spitter. It made a lot of sense on that note.

It made sense on that note and then it also made sense on the note that he had made records similar to what I’ve done. Necro did records that were like [my] “Talk Like Sex” and vice versa. I’ve done some stuff similar to what Necro does.

We’re like lyricists in the same vain. We’re not the same all across the board, he has his own individuality and so does G Rap but we’re right there in the same vain. I think a lot of that shows on our Once Upon A Crime project.

It displays how Necro and G Rap fall in the same vain as lyricists.

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