“I Hope What We Hear From Ma$e Isn’t Murda Ma$e” [Updated]

“I Hope What We Hear From Ma$e Isn’t Murda Ma$e” [Updated]

With one-time Bad Boy Records star Ma$e back to rapping, SOHH spoke to Christian emcee Trip Lee to get his take on whether he would prefer to hear “Murder Ma$e” or “Pastor Ma$e” dropping bars.

[Editor’s Note: This story has been updated since its initial posting.]

In Lee’s opinion, he feels Ma$e’s music will likely reflect what stage he is at in his life.

“I think the first thing that comes to my mind with Ma$e coming back is which version will we get. There’s been a lot of back and forth in terms of who he is. I don’t know Ma$e at all, we’ve actually never met and I don’t know anything about where he is in his life right now,” Lee told SOHH. “I would hope if Ma$e still continues to call himself a Christian, his music doesn’t contradict that. … I hope what we hear from Ma$e isn’t Murder Ma$e but I guess he raps what he’s seen. I never like to just hear the music people are doing [and judge it]. A lot of times the music is just a reflection of where they are. I’m more concerned with where he’s at in life than what kind of music he does.” (SOHH)

A few nights ago, Ma$e promised his return to the rap game will be legit.

Flex, let me tell you something before I go, though,” Ma$e said, “I can only do music if I can do it the way I can do it. That’s what be making me stop. I don’t want to do music in a box. Like everybody say what I can’t do and he can’t say this, but if you need me to come do something for you, I’ve gotta be able to come to that event. So I’m taking all the limitations off. They gonna have to pray for me. I regret not giving myself room for growth. That’s what I regret. I went so hard left that I didn’t really leave no room to be an individual, a human being. … I still put God over music any day. I just didn’t give myself room to grow. I went from one extreme to another extreme.” (Hot 97)

Earlier this week, the Harlem, New York-bred emcee dropped a remix to Wale’s “Slight Work” hit.

“Whatchu want me to say, whatchu want to do,” Ma$e raps. “Different kind of money make different kind of moves/Different kind of dudes wear different kind of jewels/Different kind of drop on different kind of shoes/With my hat to the back, man a different kind of mood/You get a different kind of chill from a different kind of cool.” (“Slight Work” Remix)

Recent reports suggested he could be headed to Rick Ross‘ record label.

According to a reliable source within the Maybach Music Group camp pieces are falling into place. “Yes, I think its safe to say Omarion is MMG.” As the Maybach Music empire continues to evolve it may not end there. Seems as if there is another offer on the table, “I don’t want to let no cats out the bag but we’ll see what’s good with Ma$e.” When pressed about what the roster may look like in the upcoming months, “As far as newest members Omarion and shout out to Ma$e if he wants to get down with this movement then we’ll see what happens.” (The Source)

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